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REVIEW Teletest Telesend HD LCD Receiver by Jon Boast I t was towards the middle of last year that I reviewed my Teradek Bolt HD wireless system for TV-Bay Magazine. I commented then, that monitors are about the one thing that cameramen use day in day out, wireless ones particularly. Even these days you change your camera from day to day, one day you may be out shooting on an XDCAM, then a C300 or an Alexa. Invariably though as an owner opera- tor your monitoring systems stay the same for those shoots. My Teradek Bolt is still going strong, and I’ve found its the perfect combination with my 17” Sony Oled monitor in a ‘controlled’ environment. When the director wants to be more mobile and free, I still don’t find myself using the Bolt that often with my 8.4” Oled Monitor, as it’s all still quite cumbersome and cable heavy. On such an occasion, I still find myself using my trusty Transvideo 2.4ghz SD wireless monitor system. When Nick at Teletest asked if I wanted to try out his new HD all in one wireless monitor system, I immediately thought that this could be it. The answer to many of our prayers, a monitor that adopts the ‘transvideo’ built in monitor/receiver scenario in a HD package. The key to a system like this to be a success, is a monitor and receiver that doesn’t have a mess of 70 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 cables to break, is compact and light enough to keep the director happy all day and a good solid picture so the director or PD doesn’t panic when the picture drops out. Have Teletest succeed with what they claim is the first product on the market of it’s type? My first experience of Teletest was 14 years ago, whilst working as a trainee in a facilities company. We had several of their 2.4ghz wireless systems, it was the earlier days of wireless monitoring and directors were still used to lugging around a 9” CRT monitor. So the Teletest, and then Blackbox options new to the market were a welcome arrival. Their products seemed well made back then, reliable and I know several cameramen who still have Teletest 2.4ghz tx and rx in their kits. If something was to go wrong in these kits, invariably it was a powering cable or BNC running from the receiver to the monitor. Teletest then released the first monitor with an internal 2.4GHz receiver then, paving the way for many other similar monitors. Such as the Transvideo, which arguably gained such a strong market position in later years, cornering the market in a 2.4 receiver system with no additional cables and a built in receiver. Less things to go wrong on a shoot. The first thing you notice when unpacking the kit, is unlike other monitor kits, everything has been thought about and included within the simple plug and play ‘package’. The kit is already in a flight case of it’s own. All be it not a peli, but none the less; there is no reason to rush out and buy a case; which is so often the case with any new kit. The monitor comes with its own directors carrying case/ rain cover, a strap and there is even a lighting stand included that can be used to mount the monitor on, Nick at Teletest states this is particularly useful if you are in a environment whereby you aren’t moving much and you want to keep the receiver in line of sight to the transmitter for optimum performance. Not something I feel I would use that much with this type of monitor, it’s more designed for my kit as a confidence monitor for a director on something where mobility is always key. If the director was fixed to the same spot, we’d probably have the budget for the 17” monitor.