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NEWS Glitz and glamour live online L iveU LU500 technology has been deployed to provide exciting online coverage of the 22nd Life Ball AIDS charity event. This glittering event took place in May in the Vienna City Hall on the Vienna Ringstraße. Now in its 22nd year, Life Ball is a major charity event, supported by companies across a wide range of sectors, with its own Life Ball 2014 song – sung by Candice Glover, who won American Idol in 2013 - and performances from a range of international artists and DJs. Bill Clinton, Janet Jackson, Donatella Versace and Sharon Stone will be attending along with many others. Austrian national broadcaster ORF provided live broadcast coverage of the event, with interviews with the major stars from the Hall, with the same feed also used for live streaming. The feed was encoded using an LU500 unit from LiveU, supplied by its Austrian partner ETAS High Tech Hardware Systems GmbH. The live stream was then sent to a cloud-based server also supplied by LiveU and on to streaming service Ustream. The LU500 weighs around 1 kg (2.2 lbs), with this small-sized unit powered by LiveU’s new multi- processor video encoding engine and fourth-generation patented bonding algorithms providing previously unseen levels of signal robustness in an easy- to-carry unit. T he new RTL Netherlands News Studio went live using a unique integrated solution based on Orad graphics systems. The installation features three large virtual green panels, in which stunning video and graphics are perfectly keyed over thanks to Orads ProSet Virtual Studio and Maestro systems. RTL uses the Orad ProSet system to key the very high-resolution content over the three virtual panels, which are strategically located along the back of the real studio. The ProSet system extracts camera and lens parameters from each of the fi ve studio cameras, fl awlessly matching keyed graphics to the panels. To ensure graphics and video are always sharp, Orads high-quality Infuse internal chroma-keyer is used for keying. Augmented reality elements are also generated by ProSet, allowing RTL to create an even more appealing studio look. The Orad HDVG4 rendering platform integrates with the fi ve studio cameras to display high-resolution graphics and video content. The platforms powerful engine renders in real-time complex 3D graphics sceneries. Full-screen graphics, lower thirds, tickers and other on-air graphics elements are controlled by the Orad Maestro control application. Visit to see a clip of the broadcast. TAKE A FRESH LOOK AT YOUR ARCHIVE Virtual backdrop goes live At SGL we take the business of managing your content very seriously. Whether you’re bringing in live sports feeds, breaking news content or managing corporate or sensitive assets we understand your archive requirements. At ingest, in post, managing versions and variants or as a deep level vault SGL takes care of your content. 6 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 NEWS SPORT PRODUCTION CORPORATE MISSION CRITICAL MANAGEMENT