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STUDIO Studio workflow L ocated on the outskirts of Mainz and widely regarded as one of the most prestigious facilities in Europe, Studio Tonmeister has five state-of-the-art sound studios equipped with the latest technology and linked via a centralised patching system. The facility offers a complete production service to the music, film and television industries and includes broadcasters such as ZDF, SAT1 and SWR (ARD) among its clients. Studio Tonmeister is already familiar with the workfl ow benefi t of Fairlight technology, having used the company’s products for more than 20 years. In 2009, Studio Tonmeister installed its fi rst Xynergi into Control Room 2 and continues to use it on a daily basis to lip sync projects for a variety of fi lm and broadcast clients. Its second Xynergi, which replaces a ProTools HDX system, is now being used for sync recording and to edit radio and audiobook projects. Alfred Huff, Studio Tonmeister’s CEO/ Managing Director, says: “Fairlight is perfect for ADR projects and offers us immense benefi ts in comparison to other systems. We have a relatively large equipment list, which includes all popular HD and SD video recorders, so the integration and connection of our existing systems with different VTRs plays a major role. With Fairlight, we never had problems concerning this. The system is fast, directly connected and therefore the fi rst choice for us.” Designed as a complete media production system, Fairlight Xynergi organises and delivers all the tools needed for high-end audio for video production in all widely used surround formats. The system harnesses the processing power of Fairlight’s Crystal Core digital media engine and incorporates video playback via the integrated PyxisTrack system. Xynergi fi ts beautifully into the production chain, supplying quality audio recording, editing, premixing, or even fi nal mix. It also edits and plays video tracks and interfaces easily with all media servers. Studio Tonmeister is using its Fairlight Xynergi systems across a range of television programmes, including editing a daily cultural show screened by public broadcaster ZDF. “Xynergi is also ideal for editing audio books and removing any vocal clicks and ticks,” Alfred Huff adds. “We recently used our new Xynergi system to improve an audio book recorded by ZDF heute news anchorwoman Petra Gerster. We were very pleased with the result and with the speed at which we were able to complete the project.” Huff adds that Xynergi’s exceptional connectivity means that dealing with countless different video formats is also no longer a problem. “With the integration of Netmix and Audiobase, it is possible to accomplish elaborate sound design and complex cuts synchronous to the video in no time at all,” he explains. “This also ensures that radio plays and IT productions remain hassle- free. Finally, because it is reliable and runs absolutely smoothly, we can now work in parallel with our existing Xynergi system in Control Room 2. For example, we are currently working on a project for the European Central Bank that involves re-voicing a corporate video into 23 different languages. Having two Xynergi systems means we are able to run the video into both control rooms but have different people working on different language versions at the same time. It is signifi cantly reducing the amount of time the project is taking and is proving very effective in terms of workfl ow.” Huff adds that it is fantastic to have a dependable system that offers trouble-free integration into a complex work environment and supports of all popular formats. “This is what makes Fairlight unique,” he says, “and what gives us such a great feeling.” For more information on Xynergi and other Fairlight products, please visit 56 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 92 AUGUST 2014 TV-BAY092AUG14.indd 56 08/08/2014 15:29