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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT I t will come as no surprise to many but the results of a survey unveiled at IBC have shown once again that some European broadcasters are struggling to keep up with the speed of technology change. Faced with new ways of working and constantly shifting goalposts, not to mention reduced budgets, many technology decision makers don’t know which way to jump right now. That is what Marquis Media Partners discovered as it attempted to expose the key challenges currently facing the broadcast industry in its most recent piece of research. The media consultancy asked more than 100 senior executives about their businesses’ most pressing issues and found that 40% were uncertain about what technology to invest in if they want to satisfy customer needs while more than half (53%) said that ‘keeping up with the pace of change’ was an issue. Andrew Ioannou, a partner at Marquis Media Partners, said: “The majority of organisations are attempting to move forward and anticipate the new nature of future viewing habits even if they are not yet sure precisely what these will look like. However, there are a few concerns. To quote one respondent: “The company I work for is stubbornly trying to ignore the signs.” For those organisations who are not yet embracing the need to change, the fear is that they will simply be left behind.” Other fi ndings showed that 37% of respondents are “unsure how to drive our technology strategy to remain fl exible for whatever emerges” while 41% did not how best to monetise new opportunities. The results indicate that while technology advances and innovates quickly, the pace of change is not always to the benefi t of everyone. As they sell their wares, manufacturers and developers would do well to remember that and to consider how they can support ‘change management’ as part of their efforts. File recovery Sound Devices has added FileSafe technology to its multi- drive, network connected video and audio rack-mounted recorders as part of the 2.02 fi rmware release. Incorporated into the Video Devices PIX products, including the 270i, 260i and 250i, as well as the Sound Devices 970, FileSafe recovers video and audio fi les if, during recording, drives are unintentionally removed or power is lost. “Pulling a drive mid-recording with a Windows, MAC or other hardware- based recording system will most likely result in corrupted fi les,” said Dan Desjardins, software development manager at Sound Devices. “It’s taken some clever engineering to make FileSafe work, especially with high bandwidth ProRes and DNxHD video fi les.” 14 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 94 OCTOBER 2014 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 14 07/10/2014 15:37