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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER Y ou may not have heard of the open source video company Kaltura. But you probably will have heard of Harmonic. Together the two companies made an announcement at IBC that is indicative of where multi-screen, multi-platform TV is heading. They have teamed up to develop and market a cloud-based video infrastructure and OTT TV platform that will provide broadcasters with the opportunity to offer virtualized over-the- top pay TV linear, VoD, catch-up and nPVR options without the need for up-front capital expenditure. By opting for a service-based model rather coughing up for installed infrastructure, a broadcaster or telecoms company should fi nd it easier to to experiment, innovate and try out new ideas that could result in genuinely new ways of receiving and consuming media. That might mean subscriptions and pay-per-view but it may also mean pay-per-service or even pay-per-dimension: by recording space, household members, device quantities or stream concurrencies. It is a combination that also, as William Cooper, chief executive of strategic consultancy Informitv, suggests provides “credible competition for major multinationals like Cisco and Ericsson as well as other online video platforms from companies like Ooyala or Piksel.” It certainly shakes things up at this end of the market. RF Cobham has announced that its broadcast transmitters and receiver/decoder technology will be used to support television coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015, which begins in Alicante on 4 October. Each of the 65 racing boats, plus chase craft and helicopters, will be equipped with Cobham’s Solo H.264 transmitters to provide live HD video to a media compound established at each Volvo Ocean Race port of call. In the media compound a combination of Cobham receive systems and IP Mesh networks will receive the transmissions from the on-board systems and remote cameras deployed around the village and be sent to a production centre where it will be edited and distributed across all platforms to the public. Scan the QR code to see Cobham’s new HD receiver shown at IBC 30 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 94 OCTOBER 2014 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 30 07/10/2014 15:38