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AQUISITION The latest in Ultra Slow Motion live streaming and replay W e have seen the technological progress from slow motion to super and ultra slow motion and the added value, interest and analysis it has brought to the viewing of sport, natural history and other areas. These clever systems have been coming in the form of normal broadcast camera size packages but now German company Live Motion Concept, in partnership with Polecam Systems has introduced the Polecam Antelope Pico, a small high speed camera weighing just 850 grams, producing live streaming ultra slow motion in full HD broadcast quality. The Antelope Pico is designed to offer spectacular extreme slow motion and previously unrevealed details from vantage points where, because of its small size, no other camera has gone before. PICO records at up to 525 frames per second in native HD. The system is based on a 2/3” CMOS 2K chip and guarantees high detail and unsurpassed light sensitivity. The unique defl ickering technology eliminates lighting-related fl icker in real-time. The camera provides both permanent live and replay channels and its telemetry can be remotely controlled, e.g. from an OB truck. It runs on fi bre and is small enough and versatile enough to go into almost any position. When mounted on a Polecam jib system the movement of the jib and the smooth fl ight that the camera creates can add another dimension entirely to the shots. Ultra-Motion analysis of an F1 Pit Stop Quadruple Formula One World Champions Infi niti Red Bull Racing recently enlisted the help of Polecam Systems to aid in the analysis of their F1 pit stops using the Antelope Pico camera mounted on a Polecam carbon fi bre jib system. The challenge with an F1 pit stop is that it so many critical and important events happen in such a short time. Jacking the car front and back, taking wheel nuts on and off, removing and replacing wheels, adjusting wings, cleaning visors and even removing debris from radiators, and all of this has to happen in just 2.5 seconds. Tenths of a second in a pit lane can win or lose a race. It all happens in the blink of an eye but to really see what’s happening – you need the Antelope Pico. “We’ve worked with Polecam Systems and LMC before,” said Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships at Infi niti Red Bull Racing, “but to have the camera moved into an almost impossible position so quickly by the Polecam during our Pit Stop practice sessions within our factory, and then instant replay, it’s incredibly benefi cial. Analysis after a full practice session is valuable but instant replay after each pit stop is visual gold. It allows us to analyse in greater detail and make changes during the same session to make our pit crew training as optimal and effi cient as possible.” Jonathan Wheatley is the Team Manager at Infi niti Red Bull Racing. “I’ve been doing pit stops for 25 years and I can’t believe how much I have learnt in such a short period of time. There are things I suspected I knew and have now had them confi rmed. If we’re able to discover something that can save just a tenth of a second in a pit stop, that can mean the difference between winning and losing a race.” New golf broadcasting technology with the Pico During the recent Helsingborg Open event on the Ladies European Tour sports, tracking provider Protracer was working with LMC and offi cial LET production partner Media to demonstrate the next level of golf broadcasting. 66 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 94 OCTOBER 2014 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 66 07/10/2014 15:42