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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT A dobe has released an Apple-friendly iOS editing app (see page 16) called Premiere Clip. With the general animosity between the two companies that is a breakthrough in itself. But while having basic professional- style video editing available on a phone or tablet sounds exciting, is it actually any use for, well, um, professional video? You can certainly arrange and trim shots, fi lter video and add basic transitions and effects. And clips can be gathered from the camera roll or your Creative Cloud assets. So, for pulling together a quick idea on an iPad, it looks pretty nifty. The key to its usefulness would appear to be the Creative Cloud integration. This allows projects to be synced across devices and opened in a full version of Premiere Pro, with all edits remaining intact. So, in theory, an editor or fi lmmaker could start a project on an iPad, wherever he or she was in the world, and then fi nish it once they were back at their workstation. Or, conceivably, a savvy producer could do a rough assembly edit of an idea ‘in the fi eld’, sync it to the cloud and let a real editor hone it in Premiere pretty much straight away. This might have a place when it comes to speeding up certain workfl ows. Will it change the way that some editors work? Maybe. Will it replace the need for a full-blown workstation or laptop? Possibly, but not anytime soon. Will it revolutionise the media industry? Not in its current state, no. But it is lovely to have the option. Cloud video Toronto’ s Triangle Post has become the fi rst Canadian post-production house to work with Forscene, Forbidden Technologies’ cloud-based video editing and workfl ow platform. Forscene will be made available to Triangle’s clients and the Toronto broadcast community alongside existing Avid editing systems. Matthew Bush, president of Triangle Post, said: “At fi rst I thought it was too simple, but then I realized that simplicity was the key. Forscene worked, and it was easy to understand. I also saw how well it integrated with our existing Avid workfl ows.“ Production teams can use Forscene for logging, editing, review, and approval from anywhere in the world. 14 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 95 NOVEMBER 2014 TV-BAY095NOV14.indd 14 06/11/2014 13:05