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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE by Will Strauss T he news that AJA has started taking orders for its CION production camera and expects it to start shipping this month is, in isolation, not that exciting. But as the camera itself promises so much, and its very existence came as such a surprise to many, it deserves deeper investigation. When CION was first revealed at NAB this year, eyebrows were raised. AJA is renowned for video interfaces and recorders. Not cameras. Was it a gimmick? Some suggested that it wouldn’t be suitable for professionals. Others doubted whether it would ever see the light of day. But the more time that has elapsed, the more of a realistic proposition CION has become. Costing less than $9000 and capable of capturing 4k 120p RAW (externally) and 4k ProRes internally with 12-stops of dynamic range and a 12-bit pathway, it has specs that should appeal. But two things stand out: firstly, AJA is promising to concentrate on the important things: accurate skin tones, vivid colours under any conditions and clean, film-like high quality images. Secondly AJA is eager to embrace third parties: support is available for Adobe and Colorfront while accessories are being developed by Alphatron, Wooden Camera, MTF, Vocas and Zacuto with lens adaptors being made available for Nikon/G, Canon EF, Canon EF (electric), Canon FD, ARRI Bayonet and an optical B4 to CION package. If people were surprised that AJA was developing a camera in the first place, they will be totally shocked if it turns out to be any good. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Recording Atomos is offering its 64GB CFast card at half price if it is purchased with a Ninja Star. CFast 1.0 cards are said to be ideal for HD recording or applications where the faster speeds of CFast 2.0 are not required. Jeromy Young, the chief executive and co-founder of Atomos, said: “The Ninja Star gives customers an ultra-light ultra-reliable Apple ProRes recorder which is small enough for your pocket and light enough to hang from a quad-copter. With our new seasonal offer customers can purchase twice the amount of media.” At the same time, Atomos has appointed Cartoni France as a distributor. BROADCAST FIBRE OPTIC SOLUTIONS OB and Field Deployable Applications Caddie-LB 4K Caddie-LB 3G BlueLite BC364 Wavelength Mapping ShaxX Power Insertion Infrastructure BC365 12G-SDI BC860 Gigabit A complete range of modular field proven interfaces. From compact stand alone units to complete optical networks. Broadcast Specialists 6 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 96 DECEMBER 2014