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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT A mongst the many trends that will permeate broadcast technology in 2015 – 4k, HDR, higher frame rates, virtual reality et al – it will be a huge surprise if remote production isn’t one of the biggest. From OB vision mixing being handled from afar to virtual grading suites, elements of programme making are currently undergoing an evolution whereby their bricks and mortar (and wheelbase) foundations are being swapped – thanks to the internet (and/or the cloud, if you wish) – for places that traditional production cannot reach: all in the name of being more creative or effi cient. Mobile editing is one such example. Yes, a laptop, a copy of Media Composer and a card reader etc allows cutting and more to be done on location. That is nothing new. But there are now real-world, affordable opportunities to speed up workfl ows by ingesting, reviewing, logging, editing, grading and so much more as the shoot is taking place. By sorting the material before it gets to a potentially expensive edit suite or storage facility, costs and time can be saved – by both production and post. But, equally, creative decisions can also be made there and then, negating the need for re-shoots, making life for the VFX team, etc etc. There are countless more – and better - examples of remote production, from the control of minicams in a fi xed rig set-up to remote shared servers, being used successfully within TV right now and many producers are exploring further options. Expect more innovation throughout 2015. Digital workflow Panavision has reached an agreement to acquire digital workfl ow technology company Light Iron. With facilities in Los Angeles and New York City, Light Iron will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Panavision, maintaining its executive leadership and talent. As a result of the acquisition, Light Iron’s Outpost Mobile Post Systems will be available at Panavision rental facilities worldwide. “This acquisition is an opportunity to leverage the strength and innovation of the Panavision brand with the entrepreneurial spirit of Light Iron,” said Kim Snyder, chief executive of Panavision. “By joining forces, we can better serve our clients, providing a full portfolio of creative choices and an effi cient, seamless experience.” Light Iron was founded in Los Angeles in 2009 by brothers Michael Cioni and Peter Cioni. The company specialises in mobile dailies, archival services, offl ine editorial rental, fi nishing and delivery. • • • • • full project management custom made or off-the shelf modular solutions free de- sign service 14 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 •