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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR O ne of the upshots of the UK broadcasters’ move away from tape-based programme receipt is that the importance of file storage and archive has been brought to the fore. As producers move to fully digital workflows there is a need for affordable and effective means of storing programmes, before and after transmission. Throughout 2015, this topic will be discussed at length. To help the process, the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has published ‘10 Things You Need to Know About Digital Storage’ ( downloads/guides/). It was made available at IBC last year, so, as we’re now into January, in itself, this isn’t new. As producers look to make their technology choices for 2015, however, it is worth a read because a room full of dusty old tapes (or hard drives) and an accompanying spreadsheet just won’t cut the mustard. In the digital world, the delivery masters, delivery versions and edit masters – as well as rushes and other programme elements – all need to be stored. The DPP has defined the three categories of storage as: the WIP (Work In Progress) Store, which manages media that enables productions to edit and post-produce programmes; the Production Library, which holds any digital assets that are by-products of the production process; and the Archive, where a company keeps its valued material and makes sure it is safe for the future. The big challenge is to keep this process as efficient as possible so producers can access their footage quickly when they need to and then park it off somewhere that is cheaper when they don’t. It’s not an easy problem to solve. Fortunately, the DPP has said that it will publish a more definitive guide to storage later in the year. And there are doubtless many manufacturers that will be more than happy to offer advice. It may not be sexy, but storage is going to be a major talking point in 2015. Awards Cantemo Portal 2.0 includes enhanced and faster search capabilities. The workflows around subclips created by Cantemo Annotation Tool have also been simplified, including search and browsing subclips, as well as the ability to access subclips within the Nonlinear Editing System (NLE). Sony Media Cloud Service president Naomi Climer has been named as the IABM’s inaugural Broadcast & Media Industry Woman of the Year. The new award champions the achievements of women on the supply side of the industry, acknowledging enterprising spirit, determination and the drive to perform. Climer, who began her career as a broadcast engineer for the BBC in 1987, has been active in both broadcasting and manufacturing side. She was recently appointed president-elect of the Institute of Engineering Technology and will become the first woman president when she begins her role in October 2015. Asset Management Cantemo has launched a new major release of its core media asset management software Cantemo Portal and Cantemo Apps. With this new release, Cantemo is strengthening the core solution with a number of enhanced media management capabilities. It is also extending the integration layer, making it even easier for customers and partners to integrate third party software and enhance the offering. 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015