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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER “ There are three kinds of lies,” Mark Twain wrote in his autobiography. “Lies, damn lies and statistics.” Never was a truer word spoken. You can make stats say what you like. I know. I am a journalist. So, you can probably take this with a pinch of salt but it was intriguing to see how the IABM interpreted the results of its most recent industry research. In a press release from December it claimed that the “future for the broadcast and media supply industry is bright”, highlighting a sales growth of 7.7%, a figure that is up on the previous year. I have no doubt that there is much positivity in many quarters but the other fi gures that the IABM has made available are not as reassuring. KitPlus does not have access to the full report, or the individual responses, but it should be noted that, at the same time as sales growth went up, manufacturer confi dence has dropped year-on-year as has profi t-to-sales (return on sales) and the number of companies being in profi t. And that was just the results of the ‘State of the Broadcast and Media Manufacturing Supply Industry’ report. A further piece of research, also carried out by the IABM, this time featuring responses from the broadcast technology end users, makes for tough reading. It claims that within two to three years only 50% of capex will be with traditional broadcast vendors. Now, this may seem like a fairly obvious refl ection of a broadcast world that is changing, evolving and adapting. We now see the infl uence of IT, telecoms (and other much bigger industries) throughout TV and radio. As a consequence, commoditisation is rife. But if those survey results tell us anything it is surely that some traditional manufacturers are living on borrowed time and something will have to give. Business models need to change. If they don’t, some companies are going to go the way of the Dodo. And no amount of lies, damned lies or statistics will disguise that. Audio Over IP Squeeze back Crystal Vision’s LKEY-SQZ squeeze back keyer will be on show at BVE 2015 (stand E01) along with two distribution amplifi ers for MADI audio. The LKEY-SQZ allows end credits and programme content to be squeezed on screen in order to provide space for ‘coming up’ show previews or additional graphics. Timeline control can be used to perform a sequence of operations relative to a start signal. The two new MADI products, MADDA105 and MADDA111 MADI, are distribution amplifi ers for transporting large amounts of audio as a block, providing the end user with up to 11 copies of a MADI data stream containing up to 64 audio channels. 28 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 Products made by Riedel Communications now support the AES67 standard and the RAVENNA technology framework, it has been announced. Capable of operating in existing network infrastructures, RAVENNA enables real-time IP distribution of audio and other media content with low latency, full signal transparency and high reliability. Jake Dodson, director of product management at Riedel, said: “By extending our products’ format support to include AES67/RAVENNA, we take a key step forward in delivering the many benefi ts of standards-agnostic communications and signal-transport solutions.” RAVENNA is an open- standard technology that offers AES67 as one of many operational profi les. It uses established standards and protocols to address interoperability for synchronization, media clock identifi cation, network transport, encoding and streaming, session description, and connection management.