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POST PRODUCTION ARCHIVING AS A SERVICE at BBC Studios and Post Production by Kevin Shaw, Lead Technologist, BBC Studios and Post Production B BC Studios and Post Production (BBC S&PP) is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC that competes for work from both the BBC and the market at large. In the Digital Media Services (DMS) department, we provide an end-to-end solution for what we refer to as “post-post production.” Our services include digitization of film and tape, quality control, technical review, compliance editing, restoration and remastering, transcoding (including viewing copies and proxies), file delivery, and hosting. As the industry transitions to fi le-based delivery and mastering, we saw a need for managed long-term archiving. Most of our customers already store digital fi les, but they do not have a long-term archive solution. An archive requires considerable investment in hardware, software, and expertise. For many companies, the cost of a reliable single-owner archive is prohibitive. As for disaster recovery, the most common and indeed simplest approach is to store a second copy in another location that is not connected to the primary source. Yet even for companies that do indeed have their own archives, many feel it would be worth paying to keep a redundant copy. After doing our research and talking to customers, we decided to add secure, long-term storage to our “post-post production” services, the infrastructure for which we built into our new bespoke facility. A market evaluation exercise led us to Front Porch Digital and its DIVArchive® content storage management and DIVAdirector® media asset management systems. We started using the systems in 52 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 April 2014 and in only the fi rst three months have successfully contracted with four diverse clients, plus we use it internally. We are very happy with the interest and demand that we are seeing for our services, and believe that the number of clients and the volumes they use will grow dramatically. DIVArchive and DIVAdirector enables data to be stored and retrieved as objects and also provides redundancy, error checking, migration, and all the services that distinguish archive copies from a fi le on a drive. Also, with the variety of clients we support in BBC Studios and Post Production Digital Media Services department, we rely on a number of different workfl ows depending on the job, and the DIVA systems are fl exible enough to handle all of them — from digitizing a small college’s fi lm archive and ensuring its long- term preservation even if the storage technology becomes obsolete, to enabling an archiving, editing, and asset- sharing workfl ow for a multisite enterprise with vast libraries of media. The level of automation and the number of strict rules and validity checks that are built into DIVArchive has enabled us to consistently offer a cost effective archiving solution to customers. The features remove the possibility of human error and save on human effort, reducing storage costs for customers and increasing DMS’ storage capacity greatly. We can now offer a powerful metadata depository and search engine for the archive, enabled by DIVAdirector. The biggest fear of a digital archive is that a fi le or object will be wrongly named and thus lost forever, even though the