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CASE STUDY Coffee and TV: Tracking the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with mocha Pro by Jon Trussler, owner and co-founder of Coffee & TV W hen VFX artists are faced with tight deadlines, they rely on software to address particular pain points, helping them deliver the finished product in time. Such was the case when Soho-based VFX studio Coffee and TV was commissioned to hand off 70 VFX shots in just two weeks for three Samsung Galaxy Note 4 commercial spots. Having recently outfitted the facility with mocha Pro from Imagineer Systems, the artists at Coffee and TV had no idea just how useful the software would prove itself to be. Coffee and TV owner and co-founder John Trussler (who goes by the nickname of Truss) and his team turned to mocha to track the tricky shots, saving time and allowing them to deliver the work on deadline. “It saved us 1-2 hours a shot…at least a week, possibly even two man weeks. We certainly wouldn’t have hit our deadline without mocha,” he says. For this job, Truss’ team used mocha’s planar tracking to track surfaces and do some rotoscoping work to replace wires and hands on tables. Since they worked only on post for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 job, and not the production of the commercial itself, they couldn’t put tracking markers on the phone – a common issue post production facilities face when they can’t set supervise. Thankfully for the artists at Coffee and TV, mocha’s planar tracker doesn’t need these markers, and could easily track the surface 72 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 97 JANUARY 2015 of the phone, keeping the screen replacements in perfect perspective with the phone’s movement. Since much of the commercial was shot outdoors in bright light, the phone – the primary subject of the commercials – was shrouded with refl ections, posing a challenge for the VFX artists. “Even if there were tracking markers, traditionally, most of these just won’t work with such refl ections. That is where mocha’s great strength lies… it really helped users tweak on top of the track to get the detail and perfect the shot,” says Truss. “We could have done it in Smoke, but it would have taken much longer. mocha is a quicker, friendlier, specialist kit for these types of shots.”