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EDUCATION #TVFutures by Raechelle Jackson T he penultimate term studying Television and Broadcasting is a time to reflect upon my journey as a CCI TV manager thus far and look to the future. And as graduation starts to inch ever closer, I am now pondering the opportunities that lie ahead of me. When I think back to what I knew as I walked through the doors of the University, I can feel quite proud of how far I’ve come. I am much more aware of my strengths and what it takes to produce good broadcast quality television. I can’t get too ahead of myself just yet however, as I still have plenty to do in my final year before I say goodbye to my student life and begin my journey exploring graduate jobs and taking that scary, exciting step into the world of employment. Having settled into my role as scheduling manager, we are currently working as a team to ensure the smooth running of the channel alongside the Portsmouth Big Screen; a public platform for the CCI TV Channel to showcase our work. Utilising the CCI logo to cut back and forwards to and from the screen is an area that I am looking into in order to cater to the community and really iconise our brand. Aside from the marketing capabilities in scheduling for the channel, a key factor I have learnt on my journey up to this point is the art of liaising with others. It certainly is an art and such a huge part of the television industry is knowing how to get along with people! Co- ordinating meetings with my course leader and tutors to ensure that the channel is running smoothly and proactively organising programming is just one thing I have learnt. But the progression doesn’t stop here. I have decided to focus my dissertation upon these liaison skills and I will be working with fi rst and second 46 | KITPLUS - TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 98 FEBRUARY 2015 years in order to ‘bridge the gap’ and allow year groups to become more intertwined. It is a common problem on a course like mine where year groups are unable to communicate with each other as often as they would like. Studying television and broadcasting means that you work very closely with your course mates which does not leave much room to share your advice and opinions with other year groups. It was in my second year of University, during our infamous 24 hour broadcast, that I found myself sharing my experiences and giving advice to other year Contribute with your experiences to #tvfutures