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SOFTWARE Sky Takes Sports to the Limit S ky, Europe’s leading entertainment company with more than 20 million customers across five countries, is renowned for being one of the world’s top sports broadcasters. From the massively popular Premier League, to a raft of other sports rights including rugby, cricket and darts, Sky provides sports fans with an unrivalled offering. Ernesto Rogata is a senior video editor for Sky Production Services (SPS), the division that handles all of Sky’s post- production needs. With 90 to 100 editors working at any given time, these needs are massive. When it comes to sports, pre- and post-production can be as action-packed as the games themselves. Ernesto explains, “When you are at the OB (Outside Broadcast) truck and the director is asking ‘Where is the opener? We are 20 minutes to air.’ You need to be confident that the tools you are using don’t crash and don’t let you down – because you only have 20 minutes to send this piece to the director before everything goes wrong.” To avoid any untimely crashes while producing engaging footage that is in line with Sky’s reputation, Ernesto uses Red Giant software in conjunction with Adobe After Effects and Avid. When working on the OB truck, it’s Ernesto’s job to create the sequences that lead up to the start of any game or match. In mere seconds he and his colleagues must capture the emotion that will soon play out. To do this, he uses Red Giant’s Color Suite, which offers six essential tools to help set the mood for Sky’s sports inserts. “You are warming up your audience for the big game with the best 20 seconds of shots and music. It’s giving the 70 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 99 MARCH 2015