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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT “ After quite a bit of hullabaloo at NAB, version 12 of DaVinci’s Resolve software is now available for public beta testing (see below). You can download it and play around to your heart’s content. With the addition of multi-camera editing and better audio capabilities, this new incarnation really does make Resolve a bit of an all-rounder, to use cricket parlance, in that you can use it to professionally edit, grade and finish. That is a far cry from the colour correction system of old. As Blackmagic Design chief executive Grant Petty said in Vegas, “this is a really huge update and I feel like we have added more into this release than we have in the last 5 years.” But while Resolve can now ‘bat, bowl and field’ to a professional standard, it may not be the obvious skills, features or effects in version 12 that make Resolve a compelling option. For example, there is a completely new media management system that will look familiar to anyone that has ever used Final Cut. There is also the ability to simply and easily relink media. Things like that make a huge difference. When speed is of the essence, as it tends to be in today’s quick turnaround world, there is now also the ability to create optimized media proxies with custom settings for both the codec and resolution. And let’s not forget that it comes free if you buy a high-end Blackmagic camera. “ Resolve 12 is probably not perfect – what is? – but there will be plenty of people out there grateful to DaVinci for continuing to develop an all-rounder that can compete with, and provide an alternative to, offerings from Adobe and Apple. Intercom Version 12 of the DaVinci Resolve grading and fi nishing software, which now includes non-linear editing capabilities, is available to download for public beta testing, it has been announced. As revealed at NAB, the latest incarnation will allow professional editors to grade, edit and fi nish in the same application, using trim modes, multi-slip, slide, and ripple and role, amongst other tools. A new Smooth Cut transition that uses proprietary DaVinci optical fl ow algorithms to create a seamless transition between different parts of an interview, so the editor has no need to cover jump cuts with b-roll, has also been added, as has native support for both Intel Iris and Iris Pro GPUs. Delec Audio has added the NIO 0204 networked-audio monitoring controller and pre-amp to its Unito range of Dante audio networking interfaces and amplifi ers. The NIO 0204 can be connected directly to any Dante equipped system or a computer running the Dante Virtual Sound Card (VSC); or located remotely to the monitored device or system, connecting via standard network switches and infrastructure. It is said to be an ideal tool for facilities, producers or broadcasters that use centralised computing or processing. The NIO 0204 can sit alongside a KVM connected computer display, keyboard and mouse and provide monitoring to loudspeakers or headphones. Dante connection pre-sets allow rapid reselection of the workstation being monitored. Grading 14 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015