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NEWS STOP PRESS Simple, lightweight, and the power to do great things LiteMat from LiteGear is a unique and lightweight LED lighting fixture system designed for cinema, television, and HD video. Born out of the need for a colour-correct light source that is both lightweight yet durable, high quality yet economical, and simple yet cleverly fashioned, the system takes an unusual approach to lighting. By providing evenly spaced, colour-correct LEDs spread out over a large area, LiteMat creates soft light without requiring diffusion. This “soft-through- pixelisation” method allows the unit to achieve surprisingly bright light levels while remaining under one inch thick in size and just one kilogram (2.2 lbs) in weight. The LiteMat head unit has a Kino Flo®-compatible mounting system, offering great flexibility with its lightweight and modular design. And if you need to put the light in an awkward position, the Velcro edges allow you to attach it to walls, ceilings and doors. The LiteMat is available in 5 sizes and works off the same power and dimmer units as the VHOPro LiteRibbon. The LiteMat kit comes complete, ready to go and includes the fixture and a number of accessories including a 3-inch PolySkirt™ that helps control the light output by limiting the amount of light exiting the fixture beyond the 120-degree primary field. There are 3 densities of Velcro®-attached diffusers that mount to the PolySkirt in the kit. The kit also includes a ParaHex® Louver. This is an aluminised sheet with parabolic elements within each hexagonal cell and works well to provide desirable light output with refined edges and an even field. The kit also comes with the power, dimmer controls and K-mount, which is all held in a robust, easy to carry, hardwearing bag. LCA Lights Camera Action will be showing the complete range of LiteMats at IBC on Stand 11.F53. If you cannot make IBC, LCA have the LiteMat product available for customers to test in their studio facility and welcomes any lighting professional to visit. Also available is the LiteGear LiteRibbon along with a huge range of additional lighting products including traditional to LED lights form manufacturers such as K5600, Filmgear, Cineo Lighting, DoP Choice, Versatile and more. The future of collaborative production & broadcast workflows at IBC 2015 EditShare®, the technology leader in intelligent shared storage and media management solutions invites attendees involved in production, post and broadcast to get ‘hands-on’ at IBC 2015 (stand 7.G37). With real world workflows integrating key 3rd party solutions on show, plus previews of forthcoming technologies, EditShare will present the future of collaborative workflows. At the heart of the EditShare media workflow, the XStream range of shared storage solutions now include the Flow MAM platform with every system. Along with the built in project management tools and Ark back up and archive solution, this allows all customers to completely manage their production assets from ingest to archive, including automated transcoding and remote review/editorial. EditShare will also highlight live production workflows with multi-camera capture, editing and playout featuring the Geevs live video servers integrated with Flow MAM and 3rd party NLE’s. For broadcast, integrated playout solutions will be presented with newsroom partner Octopus. Continuing the collaborative theme EditShare will be previewing to customers the next generation of remote workflow and multi-site sync solutions as part of it new Technology Whisper suite at IBC. 34 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015