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LOCATION & LIVE OB Talking Steadicam and Exovest with David Crute Q: When did you first get into using Steadicam®? “There were only about 10 UK Steadicam operators when I started, and very few that owned a rig. It was a massive investment for me as a young cameraman. The reason I did it was very simply that I found myself in this unusual position o doing both fi lm and video work. I enjoyed working in both drama and in television. At the time, being a freelance cameraman that could work between fi lm and television one da was on a fi lm might be mm might be mm ne t da m fl ing a video camera; Steadicam appealed as a tool could use in either mode to e tend m production values. Being able to slip between the two genres was the key to my whole career; and I’m still doing that now; nothing’s changed e cept that the fi lm camera is o ten a digital cinematography camera now. ” “I was quite surprised in that the Steadicam began to earn its money back relatively quickly; having your own kit was a big advantage in that early rigs needed very careful balancing and tuning, and that is much easier with your own rig which soon becomes an e tension o oursel . lso because ou own the rig ou can be fl e ible on client rates when you need to be.” Q: Has Steadicam changed, and does it still need that fine balancing to produce the shots? “Earlier on it was more clunky, you needed tools, you needed allen keys; now you don’t need any tools to balance, and there are uick release catches and ever thing just fi ts better and is more precise. Steadicam still does now what it did then, but we are now in the th generation so improvements in all areas have been ongoing, with input from users, new technology and ave rute with 64 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 ovest using his teadicam hadow rig