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ACQUISITION Ground breaking production tool... with Stefan Lange N EO™, the latest product from British LED manufacturer Rotolight, is a revolutionary on-camera or location LED lighting fixture designed for the most demanding of professionals. NEO™ includes several industry fi rst features that set it apart from the fi eld, notably amongst which is an arsenal of Cinematographic Special FX, (or ‘CineSFX’™), providing customisable creative visual lighting effects, for use on set or location (Strobe, Lightning, Fire, Cycle, Throb, Police & TV). Visual FX Veteran Stefan Lange (James Bond ‘Spectre’, Batman, Notting Hill) was keen to put NEO’s CineSFX mode through its paces, and arranged a test shoot on set at the Sony Digital Motion Picture Centre at Pinewood Studios, with their latest 8K F65 camera. “My background is in visual FX, I started off working on fi lms like brazil and Killing Fields and my career went right through Batman, a couple of Tomb-raiders, Notting hill, Seven bond movies, its quite specialized work” said Lange. “The CineSFX mode that’s built into the Rotolight NEO is an advantage to any production. It’s fast - it doesn’t matter if it’s a feature, a drama or a documentary, its always going to come out and fi ll that little bit of shadow, and add that little effect. There isn’t a job I wouldn’t take it on.” 52 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015 NEO’s CineSFX mode has enabled previously costly and time consuming production effects such as fi re and lightning FX to be easily recreated, with precision and control, in a highly portable, battery powered LED light. Each effect is customizable, allowing control of the speed of the effect, peak levels and colour temperature, whilst “trigger” mode allows complex effects to be action ready at the click of the button. “In the past if I needed a fi re effect, I’ve got to get a hot lamp, and connect a fl icker box with its moving levers and dials, trying to work out how to get the best settings, which takes time. On the NEO its fast and easy to use – its simply numeric, I know how I set that lamp and it works for me every time” “Before NEO, I would need several lights and fi lters, to modify the quantity of the light, the colour of the light, and certain functions of the light I would need specialist boxes and electronics, but with NEO, it’s all built in within one unit, and it’s still small enough to fi t in my pocket!” NEO’s Bi-Colour LED system with AccuColour™ delivers exceptional colour rendering (CRI:95+),