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ACQUISITION An alternative power solution OVERVIEW Chuck Walior, Aldis Systems VP & Chief Engineer, attends NAB each year in search of creative, forward-looking solutions to wrap around and support the custom systems he designs for each integration project. He wasn’t really looking for an alternative power source when he was introduced to Video Ghost at NAB 2015, but he was quickly won over and has yet to exhaust the list of situations where the little game-changer could save his customers money and time, plus provide an element of safety, consistency and signifi cantly increase fl exibility. Although power is always a consideration when designing a facility, it takes a back seat to the sexy widgets and sophisticated solutions that nonetheless depend on it to perform properly and consistently. Says Walior, “It’s one of those things that’s always in the back of your mind, but you’re never going to design a project around a power solution. If you’re building a facility and/or need remote production capability, however, Video Ghost really solves the problem. It works great.” SOLUTION Video Ghost provides a unique and cost-effective solution for remote power. Power is expensive to wire, especially if it needs to extend beyond the main plant. In Walior’s experienced opinion, “It’s just a pain, it’s a hassle in a studio, and wherever you move a device you have to move its power with it.” Walior continues, “Just the ability to make that expense and wire disappear with Video Ghost is really nice. Obviously you’re limited by wattage, but there are so many devices that can run on it, including cameras and audio mixers. Now that 64 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015 we have demonstrated and tested it, and we know what it does and how it performs – I think it’s going to fi nd its way into many different designs. We immediately identifi ed it as a solution for a few HD Video Production facilities we are currently working on for powering studio cameras and monitors, but in general it has the capability to change workfl ow and wiring requirements by allowing you to operate at different points in the facility that you couldn’t easily do before.” Video Ghost, designed and manufactured by BHV Broadcast, is the video equivalent of phantom power for audio. It runs serial digital (SD/HD/3G) video and DC power in one standard coaxial cable removing the need for batteries or local AC power sources. Winner of numerous industry awards for innovation and engineering excellence, Video Ghost can supply 65W of power at distances of 500ft (150m) and works equally well with cameras, monitors and other devices. The ‘fi t-and-forget’ system provides an innovative and unique way to get power to a monitor on a stage fl oor or in an arena roof, and eliminates the need for local mains power for monitors. Ghost also provides optional HDMI monitoring of SD/HD video feeds. Video Ghost’s functionality is also available as GhostRack, a rack-mount version that offers four channels of power over coax in a 1RU x 19” rack case with dual power supply options and front panel