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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR Portable Test and Analysis DekTec has released its most advanced product to date: the DTU-315 all-band all-standard modulator for USB- 3. The DTU-315 is the first portable modulator that combines cable, terrestrial and satellite modulation in one device. Virtually all digital modulation standards currently in use around the world are supported. The small metal case makes the DTU-315 rugged and easy to carry around in a laptop case for use at customer demos, at trade shows and equally in lab environment as well. In additional DekTek has introduced is the DTU-351 HD-SDI input for USB-3 device to enable capture and analysis of signals through the use of USB-3 port of modern off the laptops. Recently a large UK satellite operator required to measure SCTE 104 cue for ad insertion in the operations. The Field Engineer found the use DekTec USB devices handy to carry and use with own laptop for recording and analysis. Furthermore the ease with the detection of SCTE-104 which previously unable to be analysed by more established waveform vector suppliers was a real advantage. Also DekTec has announced that the all-new StreamXpert 2.0 release is now available for downloading from our (also brand new) website. StreamXpert 2.0 brings a new modern ribbon-based user interface, providing quick access to all application settings, and improving on the already highly appreciated ease of use of the existing GUI. A revamped video analysis and decoding core adds support for video standards like HEVC, AVS and decoding of 4:2:2 and 10-bit video. Decoding of MPEG-2 and AVC video is - obviously - still supported and the new decoding core enables easy addition of new video codecs (e.g. JPEG-2000 video) in the future. Another highlight on the video decoding front is a full-screen option with support for multi- monitor PCs. On the audio side we have partnered with Dolby to include a new improved AC-3 and E-AC-3 audio decoder, as well as bringing support for analysis of Dolby AC-4 audio to the StreamXpert. StreamXpert 2.0 - The new GUI look 20 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015