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TECHNOLOGIES Paul Vanlint JUGGLING WITH BROADCAST GRAPHICS If it were just about designing stunning looking titles, life would be simple and Adobe After Effects would probably have the market sewn up. But today’s broadcasters – and even AV producers – have so many factors to juggle with, that anything other than a professional graphics solution is unthinkable. Creativity on the Run On the one hand there’s pressure between the creative design process and on-air deadlines. Then there’s the issue of concurrently developing on screen graphics for SD and HD multiple channels. Finally, managers have to integrate third party data sources intelligently, for real-time updates on anything from breaking financial news to the latest sports scores. Process is important but… For many operators, the emphasis has shifted from the creation stage to the workflow process. Naturally, as a MOS compatible system, Brainstorm’s Aston 3D integrates seamlessly into broadcast workflows to deliver a flexible, user-defined workflow. Relationships with data acquisition and control experts such as Piranha Graphics means that no data integration project is beyond Aston. While workflow optimization is no doubt crucial, we at Storm Broadcast think that one of the biggest, and often hidden, costs is still the design stage. We frequently come across broadcasters that are compelled by their graphics system to allow several months for templates to be expensively and laboriously produced. 64 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 109 JANUARY 2016 Today, it is taken for granted that any broadcast graphics solution can produce great on screen results. Nevertheless, the real magic is how quickly those graphics are created (and modified while on air), how much control the artists have over the designs and how easy it is to integrate data sources. Brainstorm’s Aston 3D is designed specifically for fast paced collaborative environments: it allows for multiple inputs from designers and other team members typically involved in the creation and composition of sophisticated graphics projects. In this way, Aston 3D can share objects, libraries, presets, compositions or complete projects so they are available to any user on the network. The Aston interface and creative toolset and format flexibility means that users do not have to rely on third party design tools or restrictive templates: from the very outset Brainstorm accelerates the graphics process. Channel Rivalry Since the Murdoch-inspired revolution changed our expectation of sports graphics with the launch of their UK Premier League coverage and even their darts