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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR Vidcheck put on an interesting webinar last month that threw up some interesting opinions on everyone’s favourite point of confusion: the cloud. Here are some salient highlights: “The cloud is a blend of technologies and business practices,” argued Dan Siewers, executive director of systems engineering at Fox. “As such, it needs to be approached carefully. Broadcasters are accustomed to proprietary systems. Normally we look at the business requirement and then identify the technology which best matches that. We end up leaning on our IT guys as we move towards a data-centric model, pushing all our content to the cloud first and building our infrastructure around that. We are looking at the concept of a network described in software as that is easy to manage; you don’t have to worry about the hardware.” “We want to focus on creativity and less about the care and feeding of servers and storage,” added Brinton Millar, SVP of technology strategy and architecture at Discovery Communications. “How do we stop the spend on data centres? We are moving a massive amount of content: 152 petabytes into Discovery in the past year and that’s HD; imagine the figures for 4k and 8k! Where do we store it? Maybe in the cloud or with a SAS model. We could do anything in the cloud now if the budget allowed it.” But it was left to Larry Kaplan, founder and President of SDVI, serial entrepreneur and former chief of Omneon and Harmonic, to really hit the nail on the head. He warned: “Vendors should always listen to customers and consider the business value of doing things a different way. Maybe the cloud will give us infrastructure on demand with fast spin-up and spin-down, but what is the business value? We all have examples of cloud-based activity that makes no sense today. Can I switch between capex and opex? That should be the guidepost.” MAM At CABSAT Tedial will display Tedial Evolution, an enhanced version of its Media IT platform. On show for the first time in the Middle East Tedial Evolution provides for an end-to-end business media platform marrying media preparation and logistics into a complete supply chain. It is designed to reinforce a collaborative working environment and drive workflows for linear, VOD and OTT services. Finance Also in Dubai, Tedial will discuss how it has implemented the IMF schema within its MAM and workflow systems, as well as the AMWA FIMS AS-11 specifications. Tedial supports the SPMTE standards of MXF, BXF and AXF and the BPMN 2.0 Notation standard for enhanced interoperability. Paragon Bank PLC, part of the Paragon Group, has rebranded Five Arrows Media Finance, the company formerly known as Fineline Media Finance, as Paragon Bank. Previously part of Five Arrows Leasing Group, owned by Rothschild and Co, the company will continue to provide its products and services through Technology Finance from Paragon Bank. Gareth Wilding, managing director, Paragon Bank Technology Finance, said: “Today is a really exciting day as it marks the beginning of a new chapter for us. We are joining Paragon Bank and in turn, Paragon Group, at a very exciting time as the business continues to grow and develop.” Paragon Bank acquired Five Arrows Leasing from Rothschild and Co in October 2015. 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 110 FEBRUARY 2016