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TECHNOLOGY How your iPad can help your filmmaking Beth Zarkosh The new iPad is a fantastic and innovative tool for practically anything, but now you can rely on it for your filmmaking needs as well. It may not be what Spielberg is using to shoot his next blockbuster, however it’s rapidly becoming a must-have tool for filmmakers of all shapes and sizes around the world. So let’s discuss this from the beginning of the production process to the end, and we know where it all starts, the script! Scriptwriting apps such as Final Draft which can be used on both Mac and PC is a popular choice for most scriptwriters. Although the iPad App is only a scaled down version, it offers all the tools required for jotting down, editing and reading, and will seamlessly sync between the tablet and your desktop via Dropbox - which for my money is one of the most helpful features going. Similarly, you also can grab Celtx Script which is a great platform, and totally free. Next step, the storyboard. Planning your sequence of shots is important, and with apps such as ‘Storyboards’ where you plan your storyboard simply with taking pictures from your location research of inspiration. Or if you want to be a little bit more hands on about the process then apps such as Paper is useful, where you have the ability to draw your sketches and save them as PDF files. Clapper boards are a vital part of any shoot, they offer important information about the chosen scene and make continuity flow perfectly. Usually drawn with chalk on a blackboard which is the traditional Hollywood form, but you can still have the clapper board with you when using the iPad. ‘Movie Slate’, the app which allows to show more information that can usually be displayed on a typical board. The beauty of 44 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 110 FEBRUARY 2016 this app is that you can return back and add notes from the scene. Teleprompter The teleprompter is fast becoming a nec- essary item when shooting a scene. We all are aware how long the battery life is of the iPad and its nice bright clear screen makes it a winning choice to read from. Editors Keys offer The One Take Only iPad on their website retailing at £349.99. There are many teleprompting apps that can be download- ed, Teleprompt+ and ProPrompter which both support external devices such as the iPhone. Audio The iPad can also be used alongside USB microphones such as the Studio Series SL150 and SL300. It’s as simple as plugging in and downloading free apps such as ‘Ga- rageBand’ and your on your way! Field Monitoring Field monitor you say? Well yes no fear the iPad substitutes as a fantastic field monitor, used with ‘Teradek Cube’ encoder. Incor- porating the camera’s output which then streams via Wi-Fi to other iOS devices. To do this you must download the ‘Teracentral’ app. This can also be used as a sharing device with your producer or director, as the cube can stream to multiple devices without a router however if you want to share with a variety of devices you will need to setup a Wi-Fi network with a router.