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EDUCATION CONNECTED Streaming Platforms & Satellite Broadcasting Danielle Wiltshire TV FUTURES Hello I’m Danielle Wiltshire and I am currently in my final year at the University of Portsmouth studying on the specialist course BSc Television and Broadcasting. One of the things I love about my course is that the academics involved are always striving to be ahead of the curve with teaching, and they care greatly about what aspects of industry practice need to be in the curriculum. For example, IP is now regarded as one of the serious futures of broadcasting, I got the opportunity to set-up a proper outside broadcast as part of my final year project. Another thing I love about my course is that there is no preconceived attitudes to gender regards the subject matter of Film, TV and broadcasting. Outside broadcast and technology may well have been dominated by men many years ago, but hopefully that’s beginning to change. When you have a course that promotes multiple skills for all roles for both genders, this is perhaps one way this in-balance can be addressed. On the subject of IP and broadcasting, I do find it fascinating how the compromise of broadcast quality and bandwidth has been so carefully designed. My course is fortunate enough to have its own satellite uplink system, thus allowing us to broadcast from virtually anywhere using IP. My role for my final third year project is to determine the correct protocol for how OB’s should be set- up and operated. Going live to the web would seem to be one of the most requested scenarios in broadcasting today, and that is what we do here at the University of Portsmouth via the weekly broadcasts of the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) Television Channel. We have managed to deliver hundreds of broadcasts around the campus, and now thanks to the Minicaster Satellite system, we book air time with dedicated bandwidth and a guaranteed upload speed of 10Mbit/s. My learning journey at the University is nearly at an end, and I am confident that I leave well armed with relevant information, and the ability to face my chosen career path with a wide and varied experience. 42 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 42 11/03/2016 17:17