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COMMENT What is it about Leaving Las Vegas? John Smith Managing Director, Media Links EMEA I’ve had the privilege of being a regular visitor and exhibitor at NAB since the early 1980’s. One memorable occasion, our flight home had been overbooked and so an alternative arrangement was made. We wondered why it would take four hours to fly from Vegas to LA? As the pilot turned up in full leather flying gear, including goggles and 20 Sony dealer principals and staff were loaded on to a crop sprayer it became clearer! The request-stop service ended up picking-up and dropping-off additional passengers en-route, however, flying low across the desert offered some of the most stunning views of scenery I’ve ever seen! Why keep coming back? NAB is a global show. Countries from around the world send strong delegations of staff to this one-off showcase. Around 28,000 non- US visitors are expected and this makes NAB comparable in size to some of the other major events held closer to home. In addition, NAB has developed to become far more than just a broadcast exhibition. In all the different halls, different industries converge to demonstrate the latest thinking in technological advancements like no-where else. For Media Links, NAB also marks the start of our new financial year and we can showcase our very latest IP transport solutions. What remote production over IP is a really big topic 32 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016 we demonstrate lays the foundation for what we will be delivering in September at IBC in Amsterdam. What Questions do you get asked at NAB? Most commonly I get asked: ‘what do you do and how can you help me?’ The only way to answer this is with another question: ‘Tell me about your business, what challenges do you face?’ To meet a potential client’s needs with a sale you need to understand the issues they need to solve. Perhaps the most amusing approach however, was made many years ago, by a visitor looking for a particular product on the booth which his superior had asked him to evaluate. He seemed quite cross when he couldn’t find the hardware and waved a piece of paper at me, on which was written one of our competitor’s model numbers! We got talking and I ended up selling him our kit instead, as we realised it matched his organisation’s requirements somewhat better! What’s your favourite restaurant in Las Vegas? There are so many! Denny’s for breakfast, or I used to love the old school Aladdin Hotel, before they blew it up to make way for progress. The Mexican restaurant in MGM grand and the restaurants in New York New York are lots of fun too.