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In addition, switching is crucial, especially in a live environment with the editor being able to move effortlessly between shots and content to create a smooth flow. When using a standard IP network to deliver KVM solutions, the reliability of the network is crucial. For pixel perfect operation, as would be needed in an area such as post production, 1GbE networking is required, however, even with 10Mb/s remote keyboard and mouse control can still be achieved. monitored providing greater security assurance. POST PRODUCTION It’s clear that the future of broadcast is IP. While we wait for this technology to take root across the entire workflow, broadcasters and operators can fully understand the benefits it can bring by looking at implementations like KVM and realising how IP can help make the industry more flexible, agile and cost-effective. KVM also has a role to play in the post production suite — again making the working environment more comfortable by extending the machines to a server room. Added advantages are that the server room can be access controlled, bringing added security to the process and making sure that only operators and staff with the right credentials are able to gain access. USB access on the desk-based KVM receiver can also be controlled and KVM also allows the creation of an edit suite based on specific customer requirements by enabling different clients to seamlessly switch between different pre-sets and resources. Editing suites can be easily configured with little effort, increasing the uptime of each room with no need for technical staff applying patches or making changes. IT’S CLEAR THAT THE FUTURE OF BROADCAST IS IP For more information, please visit the Adder Technology website at: KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016 | 53