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TECHNOLOGY SDI, IP, UNCOMPRESSED & COMPRESSED… Phil Adams KitPlus asked PHABRIX and its founder Phil Adams about the latest in test & measurement solutions. Why did you decide to create a new platform for T&M? There’s a lot of talk about hybrid in the industry and we recognised early on that there were some big changes in the pipeline to do with SDI, IP, uncompressed and compressed signals and we had a lot of our own end users asking for something specific for UHDTV. The need for compliance testing to SMPTE standards for 4K was not addressed by anything in the market specific to broadcast so we looked to provide this much needed facility for manufacturers developing both 4K and 8K products. IP is also important so that too needed the technology to support it to provide a single instrument for T&M. Out of all this came the Qx – a radical new platform. How long has the Qx been in development? The reality is we have been working on it for over 2.5 years, a relatively short term for such a leap in technology and there have been significant challenges. The biggest decision was early on when we had to decide the key silicon suppliers, those who would deliver class leading product to meet our tight timescales. In addition with so many new UHDTV formats supported by SMPTE meant there are now over a thousand standards – excluding 24 and 48 Gbps payloads. Of course there is also the requirement for the Qx to be IP compliant and even here you have new developments it seems monthly with variants such as 2022-5,6,7, ASPEN, VSF TR03, AES67, TICO, AIMs– all formats the Qx is able to support as development continues. So the true answer is it is constantly in development and upgrades to the core software will be on going for at least the next 3-5 years as requirements evolve. Can you tell us a little about the hardware? The Qx is built on cutting edge technology. In essence the Qx has uniquely 4 separate 12 Gbps capable multi-rate inputs and outputs supporting payloads up to 48Gbps. It has over 30 GHz (5th harmonic of the 6GHz fundamental for 12G-SDI) analogue bandwidth on its front end making it the most powerful solution for T&M both now and going forward. It has 2 x SFP+ cages each supporting 12 Gbps optical or coaxial SDI and supporting 10 Gbps Ethernet for IP developments as the technology becomes available beyond the ‘bleeding-edge’. We definitely needed the Qx to support both SDI and IP – a true hybrid solution, so the CPU combines technologies from both FPGA and a processor 58 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016 There are no other contenders within the price range.