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COMMENT Peter Savage Peter Savage is the chief executive of Azule Finance Azule chief executive Peter Savage went to Las Vegas and stumbled across some pretty nifty new technology. Here are his top five innovations. ARRI Trinity stabilisation It may look like something that was dreamt up for a sci-fi film but the Trinity stabilisation system is a truly remarkable bit of kit that is most certainly real. Available as an upgrade to the Artemis or a third-party camera stabiliser, it consists of a compact and lightweight two-axis gimbal head, a monitor mount and joystick that attach to the gimbal handle, a battery hanger module and a pendulum that allows for perfect ‘drop down’ moves. As it works with a vest, it is essentially a cross between a steadicam and a small crane. The shots you can get with this are incredible. It was first shown as a prototype at IBC last year but at NAB there was an improved, and working, version being displayed by ARRI, its new developers. ARRI bought the Artemis camera stabilisers, including Trinity, from Vitec Videocom-owned Sachtler before the show. As a result, Curt Schaller, who developed Trinity and, together with Dr Roman Foltyn of FoMA Systems, invented the Maxima gimbal that functions as the head of the system, has joined ARRI as product manager for camera stabiliser systems. The Trinity will ship in June for approximately £23k (plus arm and vest). 44 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 Sony Media Backbone Hive (& the PVM-X550) The successor to the Sonaps news production system, the Media Backbone Hive is a camera- to-archive content and workflow management product. I’m no IT expert so I am going to quote Sony when I say “it utilises internet technologies, like Hyper Convergent Nodes, to deliver efficient operations and the opportunity for a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.” As a money man, that last part is music to my ears. It essentially offers broadcasters the opportunity to reduce their total cost of ownership by providing an “on demand” investment model so they can cope with additional events (planned or otherwise). It should also maximise the operational benefit of any CAPEX or OPEX investment. Media Backbone Hive will be available in September. Another noteworthy addition on the Sony stand was the PVM-X550, a quad-view 55-inch OLED monitor for evaluating 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. Client viewings will go swimmingly when using this beautiful monitor. It will ship this summer.