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COMMENT OUR TIME AT NAB 2016 Beth Zarkosh We were lucky enough to visit this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, and we must say there were some real treats on show! Here’s just a few things that stood out for us and worth keeping your eye on. • The Source viewer now includes an optional Audio Overlay on Video Virtual Reality & 360 Degree Videos • Primary color palettes now include Temperature and Tint sliders One thing that really stood out for us was the virtual reality filmmaking devices on show. One major announcement was that of YouTube introducing live streaming in 360 degrees, along with that the introduction of spatial audio allowing VR viewers to experience various sound based on the position they were stood in, including the depth and distance from a certain subject. It seems that 360 degree video is slowly becoming the next big thing. However part of the challenge with 360 filming is how to tell a story and keep your viewer focused on parts of the story which are important to the viewer. Black Magic DaVinci Resolve 12.5 For anyone who loves DaVinci Resolve we visited the Black Magic stand and took a peek at what was new in Resolve 12.5 So here are just some of the new features included in Resolve 12.5 • Improved edit timeline and color page UI performance • Fusion Connect lets users send a clip(s) from the edit timeline to Fusion for compositing and when returned from Fusion they automatically replace the originating edit timeline clips • Resolve FX - Film Grain, Lens Flares, Lens Blur, Light Rays and others • Dramatically improved Spatial Noise Reduction - DaVinci Resolve Studio only • Extended HDR grading controls, HDR scopes, HDR support for 16bit cache formats and HDMI 2.0a metadata - DaVinci Resolve Studio only To read more about the new features visit the Editors Keys blog today where we posted the full list of features. EDIUS 8.2 EDIUS is huge in America and slowly building a larger base here in the UK. It so happened that EDIUS 8.2 was released as we were at NAB and we had the chance to speak to Atushi Kataoka who works in the Direction of Strategic Marketing for Grass Valley editing systems who gave us the lowdown on what to expect! Colour Correction They’ve upgraded the colour-grading panel to make it much easier to deal with logged images, colour correction and filters. With multiple pre-sets for the most popular cameras, it’s now super quick to get a great look with a few clicks with the option of enhancing the images with more advanced controls. 48 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 Motion Tracking This sort of thing always blows my mind – and it always looks so simple when presented to you by an Edius pro – but now users can seemingly use a very straightforward tool to select a face or moving object on screen and let Edius do the work. This could take the form of a blurred face or a car license plate, just select whatever needs tracking within your footage – blur, re-colour etc. and Edius 8.2 will take care of every last keyframe where the object in question appears. More features include RAW decoding for Sony and Canon footage, improvements to the innovative GV Browser content management tool and draft preview for Edius Workgroup users. Edius plugin compatibility has now been boosted with the announcement at the NAB which sees creative effects specialist HitFilm developing native support for Edius. GoPro Omni GoPro demonstrated the Omni, which is the six camera array designed for VR video. Using six cameras, the rig captures a complete 360 degree environment. However don’t get too excited, the full bundle of rig, software and six cameras will cost you a whopping $4,999! Canon We all know Canon are the supreme giants when it comes to cameras and lenses, and they certainly did not fail to deliver. The new ME200-SH camera and 18-80mm EF Cine Zoom lens have been