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REVIEW A MARATHON FILMING REVIEW… 60+ INTERVIEWS FILMED, EDITED & PROMOTED WITHIN 24 HOURS… A 26 mile marathon in anyone’s world is a long way with cobbles, uneven surfaces, steps and thousands of people in your way. However I’m not talking about the recent London Marathon but our ‘adventures’ at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas. If you haven’t been to the show then you have divide it basically in to 4 halls. South Upper, South Lower, Central and North. Navigation is relatively easy and although the stand numbers sometimes make no sense at all you can get around the halls in around a day each – perfect for a four day show. Aside from editorial meetings and the all important networking one of our tasks at NAB is video interviews with exhibitors giving them the chance to spread the word far further than to just those 100,000 people visiting the show. It is also a great test bed for us to try out new kit and after 26 miles this does have somewhat of a ‘shake down’ effect on anything on the rig so everything is tested to the max! With over 1200 videos online now and filming interviews since 2011 we have many experiences from shipping kit, filming and editing so here goes with our review of the NAB 2016 kit used. SUPPORT We used the Miller 480 studio dolly with the Arrow 40 (1690) system. This comprises of a rugged Sprinter II CF carbon fibre tripod with the Arrow 40 fluid head. Max height is over 1.6 metres which although we didn’t need the full extension does allow for different interview scenarios. The 100mm bowl gives a secure mount with little or no movement when pushed over uneven surfaces. We found in previous years a 75mm bowl with a mid weight camera and heavy accessories (v-mounts, light etc) did lead to adjust the level on occasions. The head has a back light, 7 pan and tilt positions and a 4 position rear-mount counter balance plus spirit level 64 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 when you do need to check everything is straight. With no dolly then you’re looking at 8kgs in weight and if, like us, you’re shipping your kit around then every kg counts! The only problem we encountered during the 26 mile trek was one extended leg slipped slightly as we were pushing it along - this was easily rectified by simply tightening up the Allen screw to increase the pressure on that leg catch. BOTTOM LINE: Smooth and easy to operate, rugged and reliable. Second year we’ve used this combination and it just works so well over all surfaces. CAMERA The new Panasonic AG-DVX200 camera is worthy of a review of its own of course and there are many online so for the purpose of this overall review we’ll focus on the feautures we used and appreciated. So it’s a 4k camera. We have to upload files to the UK each day in order to get the interviews edited and uploaded to YouTube within 24 hours. That’s just not going to happen in 4k with the access we had to broadband so we recorded in 1080p 50mps. Each interview, together with cut-aways, averages around 1Gb with around 25Gb a day being recorded and with internet upload around the 10Mbps mark you’re looking at about 6 hours of upload each day (still plenty of time with a good editor to get them turned around and uploaded within our 24 hour target). The camera uses two standard SD cards so slotting in 2 x 32Gb cards was perfect for a days recording. We chose to set the camera to Relay Record which fills slot 1 and then rolls seamlessly over to slot 2. You have the option, which arguably we could have used, of Simultaneous Recording which records the same content to both SD cards for security, however we had another backup solution which we will cover later (PIX-E5).