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EDUCATION EDUCATION TVFutures h : Student pitc IN A REVIEW OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR, KITPLUS LOOKS BACK OVER ALL OF THE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM STUDENTS (AND STAFF) AND ASKS FOR ONE LAST COMMENT... WITH AN EYE TO THE FUTURE... next to welcome the the year again to share their Its that time of who will are willing However, selection of students our readership. adventures to our approach experiences and to evolve, so does with a tackle TVFutures as KitPlus continues articles, and we to features and around. slant this time slightly different of the University g - year is still on and Broadcastin The focus this - BSc Television ideas Portsmouth course that students will be pitching be them a real insight but the twist will mass, thus giving having an idea and for articles en challenges of into the competitive via a commissioning editor. year suggestion selected soon-to-be third month is from OB’s and multi-skilling My selection this on and his pitch Jonathan Quinn this months theme. appropriate to seemed very THE TV-BAY 54 | KITPLUS - MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER Multi-skilled approach to Live OB’s es by Jonathan Quinn name is i everybody, my the time of writing Quinn and at few days away this I’m just a and year of my TV my third and final to when I from beginning Thinking back degree course. course, the Broadcasting an appropriate searching for ‘make sure you was originally on hearing was ’. To one thing I kept on multi-skilling particular focus one that has a sure I fully understood wasn’t entirely me a little because really honest I all and it unnerved what that meant, that post-production was really I knew in my heart open day at to focus on. The was an essential that I wanted that multi-skilling because this convinced me course, mainly from the industry element of a specialist messages coming in one of the clear incredibly strong Student course that was User Certifi So I choose a that offered Avid one and live TV comes production, and produces weekly pursue but also one that been able to a student I’ve as much broadcast. As post-production at the in passion and interest I’ve been amazed at how but I I as well. think hoped I would, attracted my interest be an exciting live element has broadcast would not been that a live outside write live and I’ve really great experience, of adventure when going real location, is an element There external that with a new from air, and couple to get a bit giddy began after an everybody starts experience really nerves. My OB Watts, who is leader, Charlie in May. All from my course one big broadcast and help, and always put on chance to attend were offered the jib operator! H 2015 CHARLIE WATTS SAFIYA POMELL - Course Leader - TV and Broadcasting FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 108 #TVFUTURES is a brilliant way for students to evaluate This last year of Television and Broadcasting has been my favourite yet. It has pushed me to challenge myself and develop new skills throughout the year specifically learning more about marketing in TV. This was due to my CCITV manager role and final year project. It has given me a better understanding of how important marketing can be in Television whether that is executed through promotion, advertising or digital marketing. It is about utilising the available platforms in order to engage with audiences. My final year project gave me an opportunity to work independently challenging myself to be disciplined, confident, make industry contacts and overall has given me a better idea of my chosen career path upon leaving the University of Portsmouth in Television marketing. their current situation and really articulate important moments of learning and experience to a reader. The ability to reflect on learning and ability is really crucial to everyone, whether they are in education or not, and the opportunity to have that presented in a magazine feature is a golden moment for those that go for it. If I were to reflect on the past academic year I would suggest that the course team have succeeded in building a realistic, rigorous and challenging TV experience, and although it has been gruelling at times for both students and staff, it has also been very much worth it. We seem to be meeting our aims, and our success in graduate employment alone is starting to really speak for itself. This year we took the decision to stop building and expanding the platform that we call Creative and Cultural Industries Television, CCI TV for short, and to simply let students use it as intended. The student experience is paramount to everything we do, and I think the following statements add a nice touch and conclusion to a very successful year… KATIE STILL - DEPUTY COURSE LEADER - TV AND BROADCASTING When our students reach their 3rd year we expect their programme making to begin to come together in terms of broadcast quality, technical understanding and storytelling. We all know that broadcasting can be a demanding profession, and for the students learning how to do it, there are even more bumps along the way! But I watch how they learn from their mistakes and the satisfaction they clearly derive from good teamwork; that’s when we know something is working well. It’s rewarding to read some of their reflections on their time with us... OLIVER RAY - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 111 For me the highlight of the Television and Broadcasting course has been independently creating my own documentary. It has been a chance to explore and test what television and personal skills I have learnt throughout the duration of this course. Being a small production crew was a stressful, busy experience. But the rewards are great - it was heartwarming to get close to our subject and learn from them too. In the future, I would love to work for a big television company in the UK or abroad or be able to produce my own creative pieces for television. Currently I haven’t set my sights on any particular role that I would like to do because I enjoy all aspects of creating television...the multi-skilling message has made sense to me. 40 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 RYAN JENKINS - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 109 It’s hard to pick something out specifically that would be the highlight of my course experience. I think I would say the overall fast paced busy nature of the past few years. Being able to gain additional experience in professional environments working with varying clients and solving issues both technical and creative. This past year however I have pushed myself to try new things that I would otherwise not get the chance to, such as producing a show for our group. This was challenging but has proven to myself that my organisational skills have gained momentum and given me greater confidence when taking on more than one project at one time. EMMA COX - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 106 Over the past three years, I have had so many incredible opportunities and experiences, so it’s difficult to pick just one highlight. Though, I would say my final year project was particularly rewarding. I had the chance to take on the role of TV Channel Manager and Scheduling Coordinator for CCI TV, and explore an area of the broadcast sector that has always fascinated me. It not only forced me to work independently and make contact with industry professionals, pushing me outside of my comfort zone, but it also made me realise what I am capable of achieving. The most rewarding part of all was having successfully produced a series of guidelines for the channel, in hope of implementing industry standard TV scheduling practices in the near future. Overall, my time at the University of Portsmouth has been invaluable, and with the help of my lecturers and course mates, I have grown in confidence and feel ready to start a new chapter as a soon-to-be graduate of the Television and Broadcasting course.