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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Will Strauss ANALYSIS Taken at face value, an equipment dealer signing an agreement to sell someone’s equipment isn’t, generally speaking, that exciting. But when SLR Magic was taken on by Holdan (opposite), reference was made to how their anamorphic lenses and adapters “deliver the aspect ratio, contrast, distortion, chromatic, colour aberration, and flare characteristics of vintage lenses.” That potentially throwaway line highlights an interesting ongoing trend: the desire to use old lenses to soften the look of images captured by new cameras. This is especially relevant when shooting drama , particular period drama or anything not set in the here-and-now, but also simply to achieve a certain creative ‘look’. In these modern times, because of the need to shoot quickly, most TV dramas are shot using digital cameras. These increasingly impressive machines produce razor sharp images with ever more detail (and the associated workflow is quick enough to fit most any schedule). But ‘sharp’ and ‘detail’ isn’t always what is required creatively. To add character, texture, ambience and more, DoPs and camera operators are increasingly turning to vintage lenses: matching the best possible digital cameras with the more organic feel of old glass. It helps to differentiate the shot, the scene, the episode or the series from some of the other, slightly more anodyne, digitally shot content out there. In the 2013 movie ‘Rush’, in order to mimic the look of 1976, cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle married his Arri Alexa and Canon C300 cameras with vintage lenses including Super Baltars, the lenses that were used by DoP Gordon Willis to shoot ‘The Godfather.’ It worked brilliantly and is a great example of how old and new can dovetail together, and why there is no shame in looking to the past in the ongoing quest to improve the future. 6 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 LENSES SLR Magic has appointed Holdan as the exclusive European distribution channel for its range of lenses, filters and adaptors. SLR Magic manufactures lenses with Sony, Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm mounts, and a range of apochromatic PL optics. The company’s anamorphic glass and adapters are said to deliver the aspect ratio, contrast, distortion, chromatic, colour aberration, and flare characteristics of vintage lenses. “Filmmakers with access to a new generation of 4K digital cameras need the highest quality glass,” said Holdan product manager David Morris. “SLR Magic meet that requirement, offering lenses, adapters, anamorphic sets and filters that deliver superb results.” SWITCHERS Dalian TV, the Chinese regional broadcaster, has installed a SAM Kahuna 6400 switcher and a SAM Sirius 830 router in a new OB van built by Chinas Beijing Xingguang Film & TV Equipment Technologies. The install also included the purchase of a KudosPro image processing platform as well as six frames of SAM’s IQ modular interfacing and processing technology. The new OB van takes Dalian TV into sports, entertainment, music and other live event coverage for the first time. Mr Yannian Li, director of Xingguang technical film and TV equipment technologies, said: “We considered a lot of suppliers for this project, and our decision to partner with SAM came down to two key factors: their vast experience in outside broadcasting, coupled with the unmatched performance, reliability, and price point of their products. We are now also in a very strong position to transition to HD as required.” Dalian TV is based in Liaoning Province. At the same time, EuroMedia has chosen SAM’s Kahuna, IQ Modular and Sirius products for use in three new hybrid 4K OB vans.