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IP TERACUE INNOVATIONS GET YOU READY FOR THE TRANSITION ENC-400 MULTI- STREAM ENCODER In its 25-years of business, Teracue has built a reputation with broadcasters for the way its products continually evolve to stay at the forefront of the industry’s needs. Working with Garland in the UK to distribute its small form factor encoding and decoding solutions, Teracue remains on the leading edge with its latest offerings. First up are the exciting enhancements made to its encoder line-up so that broadcasters can meet the market demands of the new HEVC format. ENC-500-HDMI ENCODER ideal for broadcasting contribution. And it’s great for mixed modes where you need to stream to webcasting, which may involve different locations and frequent setup changes and set up a point-to-point connection as well. With broadcasters increasingly needing devices that can work in both situations, the ENC-400 offers a hybrid solution. Its easy-to-use user interface matched with the 24/7 reliability Teracue products are known for, has already made it a hit with broadcasters. The latest updates allow you to connect any USB storage and recording device to the encoder. You can also stream to any other H.264 decoder including those supporting Pro-MPEG forward error correction. The ENC400 is now also available with dual HDSDI inputs. The ENC-500-HDMI encoder may be small in size, but it’s strong in compression. Designed for IPTV and live streaming, it’s ideal where single computer-based HDMI signals are distributed or published on a network or the internet. This encoder is perfect for medical, military, control room and training applications where high- resolution HDMI signals from medical instruments and cameras, radar devices, digital signage player, or any kind of PC desktop views, need to be shared, published, distributed and recorded. The new ENC-500 streams your HDMI video in HEVC/H.265 or H.264 with four different protocols: RTSP, RTMP, HTTP and UDP. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. At the upcoming IBC exhibition, you won’t want to miss ICUE-GRID, the muliti-room IP Video Wall. Imagine a wall of monitors of different sizes and orientations, displaying synchronised video output of your choosing. With traditional IPTV, you have one monitor and one stream, and a classic video wall has expansive controllers. But the IP Video Wall has moved well beyond this traditional model. Based on the distributed concept, videos are synchronised over a set of screens that work together. The setup is managed using a web-based controller. You can add any multi-cast content that is on your network to the video wall layout in any resolution and in any position you like. Flexibility is built right in; you can save pre- sets to make rapid, responsive changes to layouts. The ENC-400 multi-stream encoder is a dual encoder that handles multiple protocols, multiple destinations and multiple bitrates. This fanless, noiseless encoder is Any multi-cast stream or NDI™ (Network Digital Interface) enabled device in your network can be displayed on the video wall. Teracue’s ENC encoder family can create a 50 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 115 JULY 2016