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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE The potential shift to doing live broadcast production using IP-based kit is still a hot topic and, with IBC looming large on the horizon, there is no reason to see that changing. Will Strauss ANALYSIS So it was interesting to note that Sony has opened the IP Live Studio, a testing and training facility that it has put together at its Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe (DMPCE) inside Pinewood Studios. assurances through extensive hands-on training, as well as offer technology partners the ability to demonstrate widespread interoperability in a multivendor environment.” The set-up is open to the industry and is designed to provide broadcasters and production companies with the opportunity to gain hands-on familiarity with IP-based live production environments. Following its launch, the IP Live Studio will host demonstrations of 4k and HD acquisition over IP, video switching over IP, real time graphics over IP, NMI interoperability and dynamic routing. Crucially, with interoperability considered crucial to the success of such environments, various manufacturers are involved, not just Sony. One of them is Imagine Communications (see below). It said about its contribution to the project: “live production requires exacting precision and reliability and broadcasters must have assurances that IP- based solutions can meet these requirements before moving operations out of the baseband domain. This fully functional, state-of-the art production facility based on IT technologies is designed to provide these The fact that it’s not a single vendor lock-in is important and tells us potentially two things. Firstly that Sony is serious about interoperability being at the heart of IP production. And secondly that proprietary ‘solutions’ are finally going the way of the dodo. With the industry’s continued desire to “go IP” and vendors like Sony embracing interoperability, the next task is to reduce the number of related standards (or bring some of them together). That task is going to take just a little longer. AWARDS LIVE PRODUCTION Boinx Software has released mimoLive, a multi-in, multi- out live video engine. A successor to the BoinxTV live video production system, mimoLive includes features for live streaming across multiple platforms plus a new interface, a 64-bit architecture and the ability to adjust all visual elements including graphics information and lower thirds. “I always wanted to have my own TV studio in my living room that I could operate easily and that would allow me to produce my own news show,” said Oliver Breidenbach, chief executive of Boinx Software. “With mimoLive, that dream has come true for not just me, but a lot of people out there who have important messages to share but are lacking the resources needed to run a traditional broadcast.” mimoLive runs on OSX 10.10. 6 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 115 JULY 2016 Thales Angenieux, Zacuto and Arri were among the winners at the 2016 New Technologies Awards, held during Cine Gear in California. Based on nearly 100 entries, the judges gave the gongs in the Camera and Accessories category to Thales Angenieux for its Angenieux 44-440mm Optimo A2S Zoom Lens and to Zacuto for the Gratical Eye Micro OLED Electronic Viewfinder. The profuse lighting category was won by AC Lighting for the Chroma-Q Space Force LED Lights. The ARRI Trinity Camera Stabilisation System that allows stabilisers to facilitate drop-down camera moves earned the Best Camera Support nod. Sony Electronics took home the Post Production Monitor award for the PVM-X550 55 Trimaster EL 4k OLED monitor. In the Post Production Systems category, Codex came out on top with the Codex Production Suite.