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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER ANALYSIS The folks behind Paywizard, the managed SaaS subscription billing and CRM offering, have been doing some research into subscription TV services. While the findings are not ‘hold the front page’ exciting, they do illustrate a point that has been made many times: subscription TV services are very inflexible. Most people understand that pay-TV broadcasters have business models that rely on regular subs income. But buying habits are changing. And people’s circumstances change. Subscription models are slower to do so. In the Paywizard research paper – ‘Seize the Moments: Supersize your subscribers’ - it is suggested that “pay-TV customers are demanding a better experience at each of the key Decision Moments along their subscriber journey, particularly when it comes to changing their subscription packages.” Conducted in partnership with Decipher, the research reveals that providers should be more adaptable to consumer preferences and circumstances when it comes to upgrading or downgrading their packages. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION At IBC Harmonic will demonstrate a range of technology innovations plus various products influenced by its acquisition of Thomson Video Networks in December 2015. To address the market shift toward standard IT-centric infrastructure, Harmonic will showcase its new VOS cloud-native options - VOS Cloud and VOS 360 - and discuss how cloud-based media processing and services, such as cloud DVR and packaging-on-the-fly, can save and generate money. In addition Harmonic will showcase a complete UHD HDR workflow and video-quality assessment technology for OTT workflows that maximizes bandwidth efficiency while ensuring that video quality targets are hit. Powered by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine, the technology is said to provide a high quality user experience. The company will also discuss and showcase products for virtualising playout and delivery, regionalising content and providing 360 degree virtual reality services. Bhavesh Vaghela, the CMO of Paywizard, says: “Todays subscribers circumstances change all the time and viewers want providers that can be agile and keep up with their needs. For instance, if you’re shutting up the house and going off to the South of France for August, you don’t need pay-TV at home and many people resent paying for it while they’re away.” We don’t all get to swan off to the South of France but the point is a sound one. Sadly, this payment ‘holiday’ doesn’t happen with our electricity, water, gas or broadband. If the research is accurate it does make you wonder whether service providers could offer a model that includes a consistent underlying subscription price with an additional payment on top based on exactly what programmes you do or don’t watch or download. Like a mobile bill but for content watched rather than calls made. Just a thought. CDN AND VIDEO STREAMING Broadpeak will use IBC to extol the virtues of its video delivery optimisation and monetisation products. Among the new things on show will be version 2 of the BkS350 origin packager. This product helps content providers to improve multiscreen video delivery on managed networks and the open internet through the use of on-the-fly packaging and cache management. Also new at the show will be a TS input for the BkS350, allowing use of a single packaging process in the content delivery workflow. Broadpeak will also unveil Broadcache box, a local cache offering devised to reduce CDN costs while boosting subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). 28 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 116 AUGUST 2016