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IBC SHOW SPECIAL Mr MXF thinks... What shall I look for at IBC 2016? Bruce Devlin My first IBC by the beach in Brighton, England in 1988 was not so very different from my expectations for IBC 2016. In 1988 SDI (standard definition) was the new wonder format, there were demonstrations of digital VTRs that could do 20 generations with no signal degradation. There were new collaborative workflows that used (a lot of) hard discs and there was rain. Lots of rain. In 2016, we’ll be seeing IP transport in HD becoming a reality with results of trials being promoted on stands and in papers. I will definitely be checking out the IBC IP Interoperability Zone in Hall 8 (D.10) where there will be a number of companies demonstrating what has been achieved in connecting together the various standards to make systems really work. The results of years of work in bodies like SMPTE, AMWA, AIMS and the JT-NM should all be visible. More important than the technology, perhaps, is to talk to the vendors and the users about how IP can radically change the way in which production, post production and distribution might take place. I’m looking forward to learning a great deal about how IP is a revolution and not simply an evolution of SDI. In 1998 HD was a concept demonstration pushed by the broadcasting community. In 2016, I have a certain sense of déja-vu when I see UHD as a partially deployed solution that is as much being pulled from the Consumer Market as it is being pushed by the early adopting content distributors. The technical specifications for the PQ (perceptual quantisation) and HLG (hybrid log gamma) versions of high dynamic range are interesting, but the thing that will catch my eye is to see which vendors have true HDR components and workflows rather than simply having very bright monitors showing pictures with specular highlights on their booths. High Dynamic range involves more bits in the processing pipeline as well as brighter whites and darker blacks. If you’re seeing pictures with contouring or dull flat areas between the blacks and whites then maybe you’re not looking 36 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 117 SEPTEMBER 2016 Hackfest 2015 from the judges’ chair. at true HDR. Just like IP transport the important questions are all about interoperability and who does the vendor work with. One session where I’m sure that I will be seeing the real deal is Ang Lee’s keynote at 10am on the 12th of September. I missed his presentation at NAB and everyone I talked to said that the clips from “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” shot at 120fps in 3D at 4k show what’s really possible when a true craftsman explore higher frame rates. This session is not to be missed. Cloud and containers are the big thing in software, but these do not make a very exciting demonstration on a show floor where network connectivity is notoriously difficult. When the technology is coupled with new on-demand pricing models, we end up with new ways of delivering services that can be rapidly spun-up and torn down on demand. I’m going to be asking everyone I meet about how this new paradigm will continue to change their world. Unfortunately, I will miss the IABM breakfast briefing (9th Sep 08:00 – book in advance) but if I was there I would expect to hear concrete financial evidence for the continued trend of our industry to buy services rather than products and to talk about UHD yet spend money on MAM. The numbers produced by Devoncroft partners for the IABM are consistently the best in the industry. My penultimate visits will explore VR – hype, virtual hype or reality? I won’t be chasing virtual Pikachu around the show floor, but I will be checking out the Future Zone and listening to Simon Gauntlett (CTO of the DTG) and his paper. ‘Exploring New Ideas in VR & 360º Immersive Media’. Finally, everyone should check out the HackFest (Sat 10th, Sun 11th in the diamond lounge). Teams of students competing against each other to produce working software within 48 hours. If you really want a glimpse of the future, then stroll up and talk to these inspirational folks about modern software, Last year I was privileged to be on the panel of judges. This year, I hope to learn rather than judge! Have a great IBC 2016!