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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE CAMERA RECORDING Codex has developed a recording and workflow system for the Arri Alexa SXT (Super Xtended Technology). Engineering teams from both companies worked together on the system which allows for integrated recording, plus on-set and near-set data management. The Alexa SXT cameras incorporate a revised Codex recording engine, similar to the system that is built into the Alexa 65, and support the latest SXR Capture Drives. Existing XR Capture Drives will also work with Alexa SXT cameras. Codex has also provided engineering and technical expertise on an integrated and smaller version of the Panasonic VariCam camera. The Panasonic VariCam Pure is a modular RAW-only camera with in-camera recording. Similarly, Codex has developed a recording and workflow for the Canon Cinema EOS C700 camera. The combination of Codex with the EOS C700 camera allows for high-speed 4.5k RAW recording at up to 100fps, 4k RAW at up to 120fps, 4k Apple ProRes at up to 60fps and 2K Apple ProRes at up to 240fps. Digital capture is enabled by Codex’s Capture Drive. BROADCAST AUDIO Calrec Audio has launched a 4U size rack-mounted box that doubles the on-board IO on its compact digital broadcast audio console Brio. Debuted at IBC, Br.IO mirrors the IO available on the rear of the main Brio console and provides an extra 24 mic/line, 16 analogue out, eight AES3 digital in, and eight AES3 digital out. It offers both primary and secondary connections to a Hydra2 network for full redundancy. Users can connect either copper or fibre directly to the Hydra2 port on the rear of the console via the optional Hydra2 module. Combined with an H2Hub, which acts as a portable hub or switch point, multiple Br.IOs can be added to deliver increased flexibility quickly to support a variety of live productions. Dave Letson, Calrec’s vice president of sales, said: “We understand the need for expansion, so Br.IO now offers a quick, easy, and affordable way of doubling Brio’s IO. Simply plug the Br.IO into the ports on the rear of the Brio for a fully redundant connection. Like all Hydra2 IO, the Br.IO will be instantly detected by the console and available to use straightaway.” CAMERA TRACKING SolidAnim has introduced a new version of its SolidTrack camera tracking system and announced a partnership with Ross Video. SolidTrack Unity, which includes the rendering game engine Unity, makes use of a Unity 5 plug-in, developed by the SolidAnim team, to receive tracking data from SolidTrack and match it in a 3D environment. At the same time Ross Video and SolidAnim have announced RossSolidTrack. In this partnership Ross will focus on broadcast and live production applications for the real-time camera tracking and pre-visualisation technology, including the manufacturing and distribution of Ross SolidTrack systems. It will also allow Ross robotic systems to include tracking capabilities. 16 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016