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ACQUISITION PELI AIR - REVIEWED Budget airlines, in fact most airlines, are renowned for their strict weight limits on checked in luggage. Unlike long haul where you may get away with an extra few kilos, when you check into an unmanned bag drop kiosk with the bag automatically weighed and it’s over 20kg then you have to hand over your credit card to continue - something that can be costly at around £15 per kg. This review is not a comparison between the two cases but on the face of it they would look to have similar holding capacities and form factors. So here’s the compromise, do you stuff your camera gear in amongst your pants, shirts and jumpers (we’ve all done it!) into a holiday type suitcase or do you look at speciality hard cases designed for kit transport? The Air 1615 is a wheeled case with pull up handle as you get on many Peli cases. It’s easy to pull along and doesn’t suffer from speed wobble you get with some when crossing uneven surfaces. It ozzes toughness, it doesn’t ‘feel’ light and quite how Peli have saved the weight is impressive. With all compromises there is a downside and in the event of a problem, damage being the most likely, the first thing your insurers will ask is “how were the items transported”…could be awkward if pants are involved. We’ve been using Peli cases for many years, we’ve dragged them behind cars and boats, submerged them for hours, shot at them on a firing range and even blown up a few in our time. Of course we’ve used them for what they were designed for as well and with the challenge of keeping the weight down and the protection up we took a look at the new range of Peli AIR cases. As you will see on our YouTube channel we filmed hours and hours of content over at IBC last month and as such had sufficient kit to take over to justify using the new Peli AIR 1615 together with our existing Peli 1670 Protector Case. For a second let’s put cost differences aside and straight away you see the volume of the Air without foam is that same but the weight is 40% less giving you 4kg more allowance - that could be the difference of adding another bag and all the hassle and cost that brings, not to mention the possible saving of £60 per trip in excess baggage charges! After an incredibly busy IBC with the case being lugged, shoved and hauled around most corners of Amsterdam we’ve been very impressed and when compared to the Peli 1670 you really would not think there was such a weight difference until you pick them up. The difference in cost is something to be considered. How often will you travel by plane and encounter weight restrictions? Isn’t it true that equipment is generally getting lighter so will you run out of physical space before you run out of weight allowance? That said with lighter often comes smaller so will you pack more into the case to make up the weight? One thing that is a certainty is airlines aren’t about to offer more luggage allowance any day now so the same kit space but lighter case makes perfect sense to me. PELI AIR 1615 PELI 1670 Int Length 752mm 713mm Int Width 394mm 419mm Int Depth 238mm 233mm Weight - empty no foam 6.39kg 10.45kg £368.08 £277.73 70 cubic litres 69 cubic litres Cost (inc VAT) Total volume 54 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 Check them out before you next fly