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ACQUISITION Steffan Hewitt So we all know that HD and 4k (and beyond) is the norm for content creation and delivery, with the need for unique and versatile shots being offered to increase the audiences participation and visual experiences. A major factor aside from the camera itself is the selection of lens, for some of the UHD sensor formats a broad spectrum of “off the shelf” lenses exist – this however can mean that in some restrictive instances (such as In-Goal and In-Car environments) the physical size of the camera and lens are too large and therefore not suitable for the application. BROADCAST MINICAM LENS SELECTION – WHEN ‘OFF THE SHELF’ IS NOT WIDE ENOUGH. An ideal camera choice for such applications would be the Toshiba IK-4k (UHD and 1080i/p) or the HD5 (1080i/p) minicam systems. These 2 part cameras have a small camera head just 32mm x 38mm x 41mm and weighs in at 70grms and can be positioned very discretely and unobtrusively within Goal zones, Hockey nets, Basketball back boards, Vehicles, Stages, Properties and Studios alike; whilst the Camera Control Unit (CCU) can be positioned anything up to 15m away using a basic configuration (or infinite via Remote Control). These cameras produce stunning quality images and so far the only perfect Prime lens for them has been the Fujinon TF4XA-1 Ultra Hi Definition 4mm lens. Whilst providing greatly improved images and with a field of view (FOV) of 71deg, for some, this is not wide enough, therefore a solution had to be found for a wider FOV similar to that of a 2.8mm (95 deg or more) lens. This problem needed to solved and enable such shots to be achieved; as the UK and European Centre Of Excellence for Toshiba, Polecam approached leading lens manufacturers to provide an Ultra Hi Definition lens to accommodate the wider FOV requirement. It soon appeared apparent that physical size 60 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 and costs would prove prohibitive – to both the manufacture and the end-users alike. Never wishing to be defeated, an urgent rethink was needed if the existing applications where wider FOV were already a proven success had to move in to the UHD domain. Working closely with a bespoke lens specialists, a brief was created using valuable client feedback and sure enough ideas started to develop and a rather smart and cost effective solution was created – the .7 Wide Angle Adapter. The adapter had to be robust, quick and simple to install without the need for any tools and provide the same filtering bolt-on functionality as found in the existing non UHD 2.8mm lenses. Very importantly the adapter could not inhibit or compromise any of the prime lens UHD performance and allow full Goal Zone areas and in car shots to be achieved without distortion or vignetting in the corners. The design enables the .7 adapter to positively screw directly to the existing UHD 4mm prime lens and provides a FOV in excess of 95deg, whilst enabling the use of screw-on filters to include Infra- Red Cut, Neutral Density and more. For those that like to read figures and facts and, could probably talk a glass eye to sleep – please enjoy: