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ACQUISITION How was it for you? ? Duncan Payne Regional Director Azule Finance www. 01753 580 500 IBC 2016 was very much a launching show, with more new products and updates than in many recent IBC’s or NAB’s. With so many of these announcements directly in the remit of a cameraman, blink and you’d miss the next big thing in camera and lenses news. With this in mind, this review focuses on camera and lenses only. One consistent factor among 3 of the major top end manufacturers was their desire to partner with Codex for their on-board recording solution. Starting with Arri, who have been working with Codex the longest time, their new ( ish ) launch of the Alexa SXT ( Super Xtended Technology ) camera allows you to get even more from the existing block, and I really like that Arri will upgrade all existing Alexas to the SXT with a software mod, rather than asking their loyal clients to buy a whole new camera. Canon made the decision to announce their big news, the new EOS C700 camcorder, the week before the show, so the press release 64 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016 didn’t get lost in all the mid-show PR noise. It clearly worked as the crowds around the stand were significant. The Super 35 format camera records both internal 4k ProRes and XF-AVC, and the camera also has a Codex processor board in-built. Their Codex recorder integrates nicely on the back of the camera and can then record uncompressed RAW at 120 fps. The units on the stand were pre-production models, with delivery of working models towards the end of the year. It’s available in either PL or EF mount from the factory, and I like that it can be swapped between PL and EF mount by sending it back to the Canon if a client needs the other mount fitting. Panasonic were the other leading manufacturer to adopt Codex technology in to its Cinematography offering. The new “Pure” camcorder utilises the Codex technology and will also record 120 fps of RAW, this time V-RAW, Panasonic’s Varicam variant of RAW. Of the 3 companies, Panasonic has the least heritage in top-end drama, but the pictures and feel of the camera felt good to this untrained eye, and it will be interesting to see who prevails. The original tape Varicam was the