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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER ANALYSIS The enthusiasm for using dynamic advertising insertion on live OTT services shows no sign of abating. You don’t need to be a genius to recognise the potential value of personalisation and/ or regionalisation when it comes to online commercials - for not only the broadcaster and the advertiser but also the viewer. With traditional TV viewing habits changing, and advertising models evolving, it could replace or bolster existing linear commercial revenues for broadcasters. And, importantly, it is now technically possible to slice a personalised advert into a live stream without the viewer noticing. This is key for a good user experience. It is no surprise therefore that ITV, Sky and C4 all offer various dynamic advertising opportunities to brands in the UK. BT Sport also now supports dynamic ad insertion for live online viewing. As you can read below, Yospace is providing this functionality. ENCODERS AND DECODERS Vitec will use NAB in New York to highlight its MGW Ace appliance, the hardware-based HEVC (H.265) portable device for encoding and streaming video, and the MGW D265 portable HEVC IP decoder. The Ace can do both H.265 and H.264 encoding, has a selection of I/Os and offers low-power consumption using Vitec’s HEVC compression chip. It is said to be suitable for streaming video, audio, and KLV metadata while in the field or on the move. When coupled with the MGW D265, the two devices become an on-the-go streaming system with embedded Pro-MPEG FEC or Zixi error correction capabilities. “Today’s broadcasters are seeking streaming technology that is not only easy to deploy and use, but is affordable and future proof as well,” said Eli Garten, vice president of product management at Vitec. “Our range of professional-grade, best- in-class encoders, decoders, and EZ TV IPTV solutions meet all that criteria, reliably delivering high-quality video over a scalable platform for applications and budgets of every size.” Tony Singh, a business affairs and development director at BT, says it will help to “open up advertising opportunities” and “maximise their potential” while putting the “needs” of the viewer first. The question of whether or not a viewer actually “needs” advertising is one to answer at another time. But it is interesting to note that they are looking to maximise potential. Clearly a targeted ad campaign is better than a scattergun approach. As Yospace has revealed in previous research, 78% of viewers are more likely to take notice of an ad if they’re personally targeted. Tick that box. While online video advertising can never offer the same vast reach as traditional 30-second TV slots, the dynamic insertion of personalised commercials into live streams – using the correct creative treatment of course – can very effectively point the right product towards the right person at the right time. You can see why people like it. SATELLITE DOWNLINK Hiltron has completed the installation of a satellite downlink system for Ireland’ s national public service broadcaster RTE. The new resource consists of a 3.7 metre antenna, an HMAM motorised antenna mount and HACU controller. It will be used as a Ku band link receiving video and audio data from multiple sources. Dublin-based system integration specialist Libirel Communications Limited managed the project. 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 119 NOVEMBER 2016