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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT ANALYSIS It seems as if I have been writing articles about the end of videotape in the UK for, well, ever. But finally, as of 1st October next year, it really will be dead. The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) announced last month that BBC, BT Sport, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Sky and UKTV will no longer accept the delivery of new programmes on videotape from that date. The announcement represents the last and final call for videotape in UK programme making, and the universal adoption of the DPP’s common file delivery specification AS-11 DPP. Now, you’re probably thinking, didn’t that happen back in 2014? Well, yes and no. In October 2014 all UK broadcasters adopted a common specification established by the DPP, in collaboration with the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA). Since that time, over 25,000 programmes have been delivered as AS-11 DPP files. Some broadcasters went to 100% file-based delivery while some took a more measured approach. GRADING Boutique Soho post house Azimuth has installed a Baselight One 24TB grading suite with Blackboard 2 control surface. The installation also includes the Baselight Conform software and the addition of the Baselight for Avid plugins for its Symphony suites. Managing director Fiona Sidwell said: “Baselight’s seamless integration with Avid makes for a faster, easier and more cost-effective workflow that is a real windfall for producers.” Azimuth offers creative post-production services to broadcast, commercial and corporate producers. And some tape delivery still remains – mostly related to programmes that were originally commissioned on tape, or to programmes that are delivered close to transmission. Topical comedy panel shows is one example of the latter. “The introduction three years ago of standardised file delivery has been a huge success,” says the DPP’s omnipresent managing director Mark Harrison. “And this announcement completes that journey by clarifying there will now only be one UK delivery format: AS-11 DPP.” So, we have just one more year of videotape and then that’s it. Everything becomes intangible zeroes and ones. It could be argued that we ought to spend a little time mourning the death of tape as it represents the end of a simpler era. Hacks like me, who no longer have to write about its demise, might disagree though. ROUTERS AJA Video Systems has announced that it is taking orders for KUMO 6464, a new compact router with 64 3G-SDI inputs and 64 3G-SDI outputs. The router is said to allow long cable runs and minimise signal interference. It is expected to be suitable for various broadcast, production, post and AV environments. “KUMO 6464 offers incredibly flexibility and extensibility for any scenario where routing of multiple signals is required,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. At the same time, AJA has released updated Desktop Software for its KONA, Io and T-TAP family of video and audio input/output devices. The version 12.5 update adds support for Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3, Adobe Creative Cloud (2017) and MXF files. SMPTE 2022-7 support for the KONA IP is also included for HDR monitoring. New firmware has also been released for Ki Pro Ultra. Version adds Avid DNxHD support to the portable file-based video recorder and playback device. 12 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 120 December 2016