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NEWS BVE PREVIEW STEPPING INTO A COLLABORATIVE WORLD Daniel Sacchelli, Event Manager - BVE & London Entertainment Week The media and entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and ‘collaboration’ is one of the hottest topics that everyone is discussing. The whole industry has started to see the benefits of working together and taking advantage of each other’s technology and services. This is something the event is supporting, plus offering a more hands-on experience for visitors to truly get underneath the exhibitors kit being showcased. The BVE 2017 seminar programme has been created to deliver more tutorials and advice on the best kit, allowing attendees to get a real feel for the product, rather than just hearing about it. With virtual reality (VR) really taking off in the last year, the show has made a definite expansion in to the creative industries. Broadcasters are fast becoming more of a brand and are opting for non-traditional routes to promote their channels. For example, sitting alongside many programmes is additional content to enhance the viewing experience. Last year, The Voice created VR content so viewers could experience sitting in one of the infamous red chairs and get the chance to be a contestant in the show. Viewers no longer have to be a bystander from their sofa, but can completely immerse themselves in an experience making them feel part of the show. Content is king, and this is very true within many large corporates. Numerous recognisable brands are rapidly crossing over in to the broadcast world and creating high quality sales and internal comms videos. These big names are investing in studios, broadcast grade kit and experienced staff to produce this content and that is something that wouldn’t have happened ten years ago. With this in mind the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) will be holding ‘One Extraordinary Day in Branded Content’ at this year’s BVE. BVE 2017 will also launch the ‘Immersive Creativity Experience’, a new addition to the show floor that will house four different VR experiences. The new area will 26 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 offer a chance for visitors to preview the innovative work that is going in to VR technology and its applications, allowing them to literally step in to another world. Further to the creative industries focus, BVE 2017 has also acknowledged the OTT market. The Show partnered with Connected Media Europe who will be hosting a theatre on the show floor, and will be focusing on themes such IP focused technologies including IPTV, OTT, mobile, social and cloud. This year’s stellar seminar programme will be one of the best with Rob Drewett, Cameraman for BBC Wildlife share a ‘Day in the life of a Planet Earth II Cameraman’ in The Cinematography & Lighting Theatre, plus, keynote Tristan Oliver will divulge the secrets of Cinematography for Animation, having worked on Chicken Run and The Fantastic Mr Fox. The Production Theatre seminars will look at key themes including commissioning content for film, TV, brand and online and also the power of partnerships. There will be a real mix of great industry case studies, informative and educational content and many discussions around current trends. Other highlights at this year’s show will be NEP UK’s Commercial Director, Mick Bass speaking about his experiences on Channel 4 programme, Eden and founder of H20 Films, Bryan Stanlas taking audiences through ‘Extreme Film Making: Overcoming production challenges on location. Keynote speaker, Mark Herbert (credits include Four Lions, This is England) will share his stop tips for creating a film and delivering high quality cinematic production on budget and transitioning as a producer from TV to Film. BVE 2017 is a great opportunity for AV integrators, broadcasters and creative to come together and the latest technologies driving their industry. It is a chance for them to learn from each other and discuss how they can successfully collaborate. With first class exhibitors, relevant collocated events and high quality content – this really is set to be the best BVE ever!