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At a glance...

KitPlus TV:

Launched in 2020 KitPlus TV has welcomed over 150 guests into our virtual studio over Season 1 and 2 of the shows which have progressed from weekly to daily.

KitPlus TV 2021 Schedule

Season 3:- February to April
Season 4:- June to August
Season 5:- October to December

Each season there are 5 shows per week with a news round-up on Monday followed by guest interviews and discussion throughout the week. It's free to get involved so please do get in touch if you'd like to take part.

January, May and September we will run regular news round-ups and (hopefully) trade show video news.

Web site:

Tv-bay was launched at NAB, Las Vegas, in 2004 and was an immediate hit with both private and professional sellers alike. Within a few months the numbers grew to over 200 unique views a day and now in 2019 we have over 70,000 per month visiting from around the world. We now only promote web stats from Google Analytics as there are so many variant web analysis tools etc. which include non-human traffic (bots) which just confuse the issue when they appear in their millions.

We have made a small amount of banner advertising space available so if you are interested in these opportunities then please email You may also take advantage of "service banners" which are keyword specific and appear against all adverts matching your chosen word or phrase.


The tv-bay magazine (rebranded KITPLUS, September 2014) was launched in June 2006 and was paused in early 2020 and replaced with the KitPlus TV daily show durig the Covid-19 pandemic when we realised that many subscribers were not in offices and unable to receive the print issue.

Check out the YouTube channel for our videos with 100's of guest interviews and technology showcases.

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