Here you can find information about deadlines and release dates for the magazine along side the relevant features and topics. We have also included a brief summary of the magazine and website to help you understand who we send to and who visits us, followed by demographic information for the magazine and a few links to useful documents.

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Issue Deadlines

Month Issue Deadline
July / August 126 30th June 2017
September / October 127 22nd August 2017
November / December 128 19th October 2017
January / February 129 19th December 2017
March / April 130 22nd February 2018
May / June 131 26th April 2018

We've recently been busy making some very exciting and positive changes to the KitPlus Magazine and this may impact on any deadlines you have already been working towards.

The key changes are that we are now bigger by 50% (148 pages), bi-monthly from July and we think feature schedules are a bit old fashioned these days so we have abolished them! When you've got something to say you need to get it out there and not wait until a magazine decides it's the right time for you to have your say and with our brand new format every issue is right for you!

The bulk and frequency of the publication will ensure longevity of both editorial and advertising with increased readership from sharing, online, social media and simply being around for two months not one.

The editorial format for EVERY issue will include the four main sections below and within these we welcome any topics including, not exclusively, those listed. When you add news to our online pressroom you will notice you now have to select one of those four sections so also within these pages of relevant featured content will be perfectly placed news.

By arranging editorial in this manner we will immediately offer a more diverse and interesting print magazine to the readership whilst at the same time be able to directly target advertising to a relevant audience sector.

Capture and Produce Manipulate and Edit
Cameras and Lenses Resolution
Recording and Media Editing Software/Hardware
Lighting and Control Format Conversion
Audio Monitoring
Mobile/Vehicle Production Subtitling and Captioning
Virtual Production Workflow Solutions
360, VR, AR 360, VR & AR
Drones, UAVs & Aerial Aircon
Power and Charging Grading
Support and Grip Pro Audio
Intercoms Animation and VFX
Prompting Furniture & Consoles
Test and Measurement Stock assets
Monitoring Motion Graphics


Manage and Monitor Move and Deliver
Digital Signage  Cloud
Monitors Social Media
Video Display Mobile Video Distribution
Cloud  Online Platforms / VOD
DAM Satellite, Uplink & Cellular
MAM Streaming/Webcasting
Monitoring Test and Measurement
QC Microwave/RF Accessories
Archive IP
Test and Measurement Monitoring
Audio Monitoring OTT
Cloud Interactive
Resolution Security
Content Protection Quality Conformance

For ideas on the sort of editorial you can submit then please click the orange tab below. We are very open to looking at other random suggestions though of course. Just email


Editorial Guidelines and Opportunities


Rate Card

In Print
Display Advert (W x H)
(All measurements in mm)
1+ 12+ each
Full Page (210 x 297)


Half page (exclusive +10%)
(185 x 133 or 91 x 277)


Quarter page (exclusive +10%)
(91 x 133)


Quarter Page strip (210 x 74
or 50 x 277)


Directory entries from £220
Loose inserts (180 x 277) per 000 £120
Supplement in polywrap (210 x 297) per 000 £120
Digital Only (Ezine) Magazine Options
Interactive Content from £250
File Download from £150
Digital Magazine Sponsor from £850
Links & Banners
Prices based on per calender month (pcm) based on a 12 month placing. Call for shorter period options.
Leader Board

728 x 90 pixels static/animated.

from £500 pcm
Leader Board support

250 x 90 pixels static/animated.

from £410 pcm
Side banner

300 x 250 pixels static

from £390 pcm
Site footer

300 x 250 pixels

from £210 pcm
Mid page

190 x 107 pixels Incl. 35 words text!

from £210 pcm
Dedicated email to all KitPlus subscribers 250 x 300 pixels static.
from £550
Dedicated email to qualified sectors.
from £1,250
Banners on KitPlus promotional emails
from £295
All side banners can be managed by the user with automated daily changes.
Equipment Dealers
Listings banner

468 x 60 pixels static/animated.

from £1,200 pa
iAppears within equipment listings. All centre banner positions
rotate on chosen page to maximize exposure.
Links & Banners
Dealer pack Online adverts incl. logo, directory
on web & magazine.
£250 pcm
Keyword banner 250 x 90 pixels static. from £410
Appears on all adverts with your specified keywords.
Listings banner 468 x 60 pixels from £295 pcm
Side button banner 100 x 100 pixels on all kit pages from £230 pcm
Featured video Prime location video marketing. from £750
LIVE Show sponsor Extended guest / demo slot
Banner (above LIVE show
video window 640x82px)
Banner on pre & post show email
(640x82px scaled to 600x76px)
Intro & outro graphics with
sponsor name +Archived +VOD
Commercial break Video advert OR presenter led from £250
Event related
Banner 640 x 82 pixels Event home page
Including post show, dedicated
email to subscribers
Show Exhibit Incl. transport, table and tour guide ad. From £1,000
per venue
Show Sponsorship Various options available £P.O.A
Some others
Directory Premium upgrade £175
List your company in up to 10 categories + text & image upload with direct web link.
Article banner 468 x 60 pixels static/animated. from £500
Appears on all relevant kit plus online articles.
Skins, Wallpapers, and bespoke banner placements available on request.
Digital Magazine
Interactive digital edition of our successful printed magazine
emailed to 26,000+ UK & international readers
Interactive content Video, flash, audio. £350
File download Provide files to be downloaded from
magazine... pdf, exe, video.
Digital Magazine sponsor Clickable top banner + email sponsorship. £1,050
Electronic Direct Mail
Send your news to our readers & viewers
Dedicated email 26,000+ industry subscribers.
Various options and regions available
with discounts for multiple bookings
from £550
Video Production

Pre-Tradeshow Promos
(Perfect for mail outs,
website news and
company profile pages)

Click here for examples:
Example 1
Example 2

With thousands of pre show emails clogging inboxes with paragraphs of text, be a little different, stand out from the crowd and get you message across in under 60 seconds! (or longer if you want?) Shoot your video before your next event and attract people to your stand.

Now being shot by KitPlus. Either green
screen at our Newbury studio or on location
at your offices!

The Format:
The customer would need to be prepared and well scripted (detailed or with reminders on the prompter) and, if they are using a prompter, we'd ideally like the script in advance.
We would aim to spend around 2 hrs shooting on location with about 30 minute set up.

The footage will be edited to 1 or 2 (depending on how efficient and simple) videos for upload to YouTube or similar channel.

In order to meet with your branding we would need, company logo (vector.eps .ai .pdf or similar) colour refs, font specs, background image (if green screen) cutaways & screen records if they can be done ahead, product names, names of people, credits and
any specific requirements.

Titles and on screen text should be specified if required where possible to strengthen the message being spoken.

We offer free promotion of all videos produced by us on our video pages online and in return request a simple end credit as the video
fades to black.

The video would appear in the customer style.

(Plus travel expenses
Tradeshow Interviews Filmed at your stand/booth
Uploaded to Ad free version for your own use included. Multiple discounts apply.
Studio Production A full days production time in our Newbury based studios. Produce product demonstrations, training and in depth information videos. We complete the video with a full days post-production. Special offers on going. £2250

With the rise of the internet; video marketing has become a crucial part of promoting and marketing brands and services online and often employees are asked to appear and present on camera at these events. Being requested to appear on camera at a trade show may be a daunting experience for some however with technology advancing at a very fast rate the need to visually communicate with a global audience is becoming a necessity for many businesses.

- Being on-camera ready
- Dealing with nerves
- Being Confident on-camera
- Embellishing a subject
and to Lifestyle it'
- Body language (posture,
gestures, movement)
- Demonstrating successfully

from £225
per person

or £675
four people
Press Conference Filming When holding a press conference why only reach the people that attend? Filming the conference not only allows you to reach countless others with little effort but also creates more content for your website POA

Media information and
circulation statistics

Web site:

After 6 months in development tv-bay was launched at NAB, Las Vegas, in 2004 and was an immediate hit with both private and professional sellers alike. Within a few months the numbers grew to over 200 unique IP addresses a day and now in 2013 we have over 3500 per day visiting from around the world but with the majority being in UK (25%), USA (12%) and Europe (approx. 40%). We now only promote web stats from Google Analytics as there are so many variant web analysis tools etc. which include non-human traffic (bots) which just confuse the issue when they appear in their millions.

We have made a small amount of banner advertising space available so if you are interested in these opportunities then please email You may also take advantage of "service banners" which are keyword specific and appear against all adverts matching your chosen word or phrase.

The tv-bay magazine (rebranded KITPLUS, September 2014) was launched in June 2006 and is printed monthly. Initially, as we built our database, the publication was sent to over 7000 UK subscribers who had shown interest at the many trade shows we attend (we are normally hard to miss!) and via tv-bay online. We, and our readers, love print - its tangible, hangs around in offices for ages, has countless 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th hand readers and, when part of an online portfolio, is the perfect reference point. The down side of print though is the ever rising UK postage but on the positive side this has spurred us to constantly look at our database, question our readers and further qualify their interest in both tv-bay and the industry resulting in a dynamic database for both print and online.

Our print run is now just over 65,000 copies per year made up of 4000+ direct mailed copies to UK subscribers (people that have requested it only) each month and show copies such as BVE, NAB and IBC - plus we are the only magazine to be at the Virgin Atlantic departure gate for flights leaving for NAB (imagine being stuck on a plane for 10 hours with a copy of tv-bay!).We also proud to support UK media colleges and universities with free issue magazines for students (and lecturers), a policy which after 5 years of doing so has paid off with, for example, many Ravensbourne graduates now working and specifying equipment for their workplace and still reading tv-bay of course!

For those not able to recieve the print magazine we have probably the longest running Digital Magazine / Digital issue which you can view here - packed with interactive links and constantly being improved with features such as embedded video clips. All articles in the magazine are also added to our articles section for easy searching as we have found that electronic publications rarely appear in organic web search results.


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Where possible we have gathered the relevant information to determine the following demographic that have requested the magazine. This does not include downloads of the online Digital Magazine version of the magazine.





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