OConnors 2575D supports a hectic schedule for Til Schweigers Films Kokowh 2 and Schutzengel Posted: 12/06/2013
OConnors 2575D supports a hectic schedule for Til Schweigers Films Kokowh 2 and Schutzengel
Australian DP Adrian Cranage lived through some eventful months in 2012. Together with actor and director Til Schweiger, the DP made two films back to back: Schutzengel and Kokowh 2. Adrian Cranage used his 2575D fluid head by OConnor, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, to contribute to the successful films. "Without my well-coordinated team and OConnor, our project would not have been possible," says the experienced cinematographer.
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PAG offers latest low-cost lens converters from 16x9 Inc. Posted: 24/11/2010
exii PAG is the UK Distributor for the latest line of low-cost EXII lens converters, designed specifically for use with handheld HD camcorder lenses, by US company 16x9 Inc.
The EXII 0.7X Wide Converter is designed for compact HD camcorders with a lens thread of 46mm, 43mm or 37mm. It is therefore suitable for use with the new JVC GY-HM100E camcorder. The professional optic attaches to the thread on the front of the camcorder lens and provides 30% more wide angle coverage. The lens retains its zoom capabilities without light loss or vignetting. The EXII 0.7X employs three multi-coated optical glass elements to yield high-definition pictures, and weighs only 136g.
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