Bubblebee Sidekick IEMs Deliver Socially Distanced Comms To Americas Got Talent 2020. Posted: 21/12/2020
Bubblebee and rsquo;s Sidekick IEMs Deliver Socially Distanced Comms To America and rsquo;s Got Talent 2020.

Sound Supervisor Daniel S. McCoy CAS used Bubblebee Industries’ Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitors for the 2020 production of America’s Got Talent, which was approached differently this year in order to comply with IATSE Covid guidelines.

McCoy, the owner and operator of Los Angeles-based location and post-production audio company ToneMesa, Inc., was brought onto the show’s production team to handle audio remotes. He, in turn, introduced the directors, producers and show judges to Bubblebee Sidekicks, which were used for communication on and off set.

“With today’s productions requiring an element of ‘social distance’, getting comms sorted out is absolutely critical,” McCoy explains. “You can’t expect technicians to show up and place 10 wires on people because it is just not safe. What’s important is having comms equipment that talent are comfortable with. It also needs to have a high useability factor so people don’t need technicians to fit it because they can do it themselves.”

Bubblebee’s Sidekick fits the bill perfectly because it delivers high speech intelligibility, as well as a very comfortable experience for the end user. It features the world’s first micro driver solution where the driver fits invisibly in the ear canal, eliminating the need for acoustic tubes outside the ear. This gives it an extremely small and lightweight footprint and makes it a popular alternative to earwigs.


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