NUGEN Audio at BVE 2017 Posted: 07/02/2017
At BVE 2017, NUGEN Audio will demonstrate the latest innovations in its industry-leading family of post-production and broadcast audio tools. On display will be an update of Halo Upmix, NUGEN Audio's award-winning 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 upmixer. Also, for the first time at BVE, NUGEN Audio will showcase its AMB modular batch processor, a scalable loudness analysis, correction, and upmix solution.
Tags: NUGEN Audio | BVE 2017 | audio | broadcast | post-production | loudness analysis | up mix | Halo Upmix | AMB Processor | BVE 2017 | BVE 2017
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French Football Club Lorient Adopts ChyronHego Coach Paint for Both Coaching and Training Operations Posted: 24/01/2017
Football Club Lorient-Bretagne Sud (FC Lorient), one of France's oldest Ligue 1 football clubs, has deployed ChyronHego's Coach Paint telestration tool to enhance its coaching and training operations. With Coach Paint, FC Lorient is able to engage, teach, prepare, and recruit players using the same powerful visualization techniques on display in major live sports broadcasts and highlight shows.
Tags: French football | Lorient | ChyronHego | Coach Paint | coaching | training | video | telestration | powerful | dimension | instruction | analysis
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Macnica and Tektronix Partner to Ease Broadcasters Path to All-IP Operations Posted: 06/12/2016
Macnica today announced that it has forged a technology partnership with Tektronix. Through the global agreement, Tektronix has embedded Macnica's industry-leading video-over-IP technology into Prism, a new media analysis platform designed to smooth broadcasters' transition from SDI-based to IP-based infrastructures.
Tags: Macnica | Tektronix | partnership | broadcast | path | all-ip operations | media analysis platform | video over IP | Prism | media analysis | Charlie Dunn
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Triveni Digital Teams Up With Avateq to Offer Signal Analysis and Monitoring Solution for ATSC 3.0 Posted: 07/11/2016
Triveni Digital today announced a new strategic partnership with Avateq, an expert in signal analysis and RF layer monitoring for broadcast applications. Avateq's AVQ1020 ATSC 1.0 and AVQ1022 ATSC 3.0 ActiveCore(R) RF layer monitoring receiver and signal analyzers will be rebranded under the Triveni Digital StreamScope(R) product family as StreamScope XM RF. Using the StreamScope XM RF in conjunction with Triveni Digital's award-winning StreamScope XM MT quality assurance and StreamScope EM-50 enterprise manager systems, broadcasters can proactively detect, isolate, and resolve problems that degrade broadcast services across any transmission layer, including RF, MPEG, and IP, in ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 architectures. The companies also are planning to collaborate in the future on further integration with the StreamScope product family.
Tags: Triveni Digital | Avateq | signal analysis | StreamScope XM | NAB Show New York | AVQ1020 | AVQ1022 | systems | broadcast | broadband | ATSC 3.0
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ADB ioCentro enables breakthrough smart connectivity for home appliance manufacturers Posted: 25/10/2016

ADB, a leading provider of solutions for media and broadband convergence, today announced the public launch of its cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) service, ioCentro, which enables proactive troubleshooting, consumer self-help and more efficient after-sales service all while reducing costs and complexity.

Tags: IoT | cloudbased | ADB | Data | analysis
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Triveni Digital Products at the 2016 NAB Show New York Show Posted: 17/10/2016
At the 2016 NAB Show New York, Triveni Digital will demonstrate its industry-leading metadata generation and transport stream analysis platforms with full support for ATSC 3.0. By deploying products that support the next-generation broadcast television system, broadcasters can take advantage of new opportunities, including advanced service guides, advanced emergency communication support, and customized local news program delivery, to provide better TV to viewers.
Tags: Triveni Digital | 2016 NAB Show New York | StreamScope | XM Monitoring and Analysis System | GuideBuilder | XM Signaling and Announcement Generator
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Qligent Unveils Automated Impact Analysis Toolset to Fight Advertising Revenue Loss Posted: 29/08/2016

Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, has incorporated new automated software tools into the Channel View feature of its Vision cloud monitoring platform that will help broadcasters and MVPDs effectively combat revenue loss tied to signal quality issues.

Tags: Qligent | cloud monitoring | Vision | TV | cloud based | media | analysis | automated software tools | Channel View
Submitted by Dimension PR
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Mediaproxy Introduces Most Advanced LogeServer Suite at IBC Posted: 24/08/2016

LogServer provides advanced support for OTT streaming sources with built-in real-time analysis and confidence monitoring via TSAnalyzer and Monwall IP Multiviewer. A comprehensive line up of web-based and mobile applications enable cloud based recording and monitoring of live streams including DVB subtitles, audio watermarks and SCTE-35/104 events.

Tags: Mediaproxy Pty. Ltd. | LogServer | broadcast monitoring | content logging | transport stream analysis | TSAnalyzer | Monwall IP Multiviewer | OTT monitoring | IBC 2016 | IBC 2016
Submitted by The Adcock Group
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Bridge Technologies Launches Archive Server and NLE-style Historical Data Analysis Capability Posted: 07/09/2015

Bridge Technologies (IBC 1.F68) has unveiled a new graphical data analysis technology that allows users to play through recorded data in an NLE-style Timeline display to observe correlations and patterns of errors occurring over any time period.

Tags: BridgeTech | Timeline | Monitoring | Analysis | Archive | Server | Data | IBC 2015 | IBC 2015
Submitted by XPresso Communications
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Leading Test and Measurement manufacturer Omnitek will be showing its innovative Ultra 4K Tool Box as well as presenting its Design and Consultancy Services on stand 10.F30 at IBC 2015, taking place on 11-15 September at the RAI, Amsterdam,

Tags: Omnitek | test & measurement | design services | IBC 2015 | Ultra 4K Tool Box | SD | 4K | 12G-SDI | Physical Layer | Eye & Jitter analysis | audio ppm | channel status displays | tone generation | RVF full raster support | playout | active video | data view | cable view | zoom view | sample/pixel-level interrogation | ANC watch display | ancillary packet presence | OTR | OTM | waveform monitoring | picture quality analysis | IBC 2015 | IBC 2015
Submitted by Bubble and Squeak
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Qligent Integrates Multichannel Visualization into Cloud-Based Monitoring and Analysis Platform Posted: 28/07/2015

Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, has developed a new multichannel visualization application for its flagship Vision platform. The new application extends the depth of Qligents flexible multisite monitoring and analysis capability, offering a highly dense and intuitive way to monitor the health and status of many channels on a single screen.

Tags: Qligent | monitoring | QC | analysis | cloud | vision | oversight | SaaS | MaaS | multichannel | data visualization | ted korte | IBC | enterprise | troubleshooting | broadcast | TV | cable | satellite | IPTV | QoS | QoE | IBC 2015 | IBC 2015
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Tektronix Leads the Way to 4K and IP Video at IBC 2015 (Stand 10.D41) Posted: 20/07/2015

Tektronix, an industry-leading innovator of video quality monitoring solutions, will be demonstrating the broadcast industrys most complete portfolio of solutions for ensuring picture and sound quality including expanded options for 4K analysis and monitoring at IBC 2015, September 11 15, on stand 10.D41.

In addition, Tektronix will have demonstrations of its IP Video technology including solutions for PTP synchronization and timing, as well as IP Video measurement and analysis.

Tags: IBC | Tektronix | 4K | 4K analysis | 4K monitoring | 4K/UHDTV1 | HEVC/H.265 | IP Video | TICO Alliance | IBC 2015 | IBC 2015
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NAB 2015: Digital Nirvana and Nexidia Provide Integrated Caption Quality Reporting Solution Posted: 02/04/2015

Digital Nirvana, developers of a media management platform for content creation, capture and delivery, have announced an integration with Nexidia Illuminate, a media analysis platform, enabling caption compliance quality reporting and realignment software. The FCC mandates that captions for the hearing impaired be accurate, complete and synchronous with the corresponding video.

Tags: Digital Nirvana | software | Illumintate | Nexidia | media management | media analysis | NAB 2015 | NAB Show | NAB 2015
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Qligent Expands the Spectrum of Software-Defined Monitoring for Linear TV Services Posted: 05/03/2015

At the 2015 NAB Show, Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, will demonstrate how linear TV services can generate deeper insight into signal performance across the air chaindown to the last milewhile transitioning to simpler software-defined platforms. On its NAB booth (N3621, Las Vegas Convention Center, April 13-16), Qligent will exhibit new multichannel visualization capabilities for its infinitely scalable Vision platform, and introduce a local solution for deep on-site monitoring. 

Tags: Qligent | monitoring | signal monitoring | QoS | QoE | NAB2015 | NAB | las vegas | vision | point | QC | analysis | troubleshooting | over the air | broadcast | digital TV | television | MVPD | cable TV | satellite | IPTV | linear TV | test and measurement | NAB 2015 | NAB 2015
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Polecam FishFace and amp; PICO partner for spectacular new aquatic sports views and swimming and diving analysis Posted: 19/11/2014

Polecam has taken its partnership with the Antelope PICO Ultra Slow Motion minicam a further leap forward by putting the camera into a re-designed FishFace waterproof housing on the end of a Polecam remote head lightweight jib arm. This combination now allows Polecam to shoot aquatic sports in HD streaming Ultra Slow Motion from viewpoints above and below water level, demonstrating new and spectacular shots and moves not seen before. This opens up new opportunities not only for sports viewing but also for natural history and industrial applications too.

Tags: Polecam | FishFace | PICO | Antelope | swimming | diving | analysis | Luton | aquatic sports | ultra motion | slow motion | underwater | underwater housing | streaming | HD | sports viewing | natural history | Active pool | Laurie Frost | Camera Corps | Steffan Hewitt | Mark Sallaway
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