FilmLight launches worldwide colour masterclass tour Posted: 20/06/2018
FilmLight launches worldwide colour masterclass tour

To help colourists, DoPs and the wider production and post industry understand the opportunities and challenges that HDR and new delivery formats bring, FilmLight is taking intensive and specialist masterclasses on a world tour. Dates are already set for London (15 May), Mumbai (16 May), Hollywood (4 June) and Seoul (7 June), with more to be added.

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FilmLight welcomes colourist Andy Minuth Posted: 29/11/2017
FilmLight welcomes colourist Andy Minuth

FilmLight, the leading provider of professional colour grading solutions, has recruited colourist Andy Minuth as Colour Workflow Specialist. He brings a deep technical knowledge of image processing and colour management as well as a long and successful track record in colour grading.

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